How to Enter & Submit Your Time

actiTIME allows you to track work hours and leave time. Each system user with the “Enter Time-Track” permission can track work time for tasks assigned to them and leave time for leave types available in the system.

To start tracking work time, you need to have at least one open task assigned to you. You can add a task to your timesheet using one of these options:

  • Add task by name: Type the task name in the search box
  • Add Recent Task: Select it from the list of recent tasks
  • Add Tasks from the List: Search it by customer and project in the list of all tasks
add tasks

If you work on the same tasks week to week, you can have your timesheet pre-populated with previous tasks automatically:

  • Open a new weekly timesheet.
  • Click “Choose the default way to start a new week”.
  • Select the option to “Always keep all tasks from the previous week”, and save changes in the My Profile interface.
start week

To record time spent on a task, enter the amount of hours or minutes in either 'HH:MM' or 'decimal' format:

  • 2:30 – 2 hours and 30 minutes in ‘HH:MM’ format
  • 2.5 – 2 hours and 30 minutes in ‘decimal’ format

Add comments to your work time entries:


To enter leave time, click on a cell below any date, select your leave type and click OK:

enter leave

Click “Save Changes” to save your entries.

When your weekly timesheet is ready, submit it for manager’s approval, if your company’s policy implies this:

ready for approval

To review your timesheet summary, run personal reports or use the “View Time-Track” interface. Adjust the view with the help of filters and various display options:

view time track

Besides manual recording, actiTIME also has a timer extension for Chrome. It allows you to conveniently log work hours directly in the web browser from popular applications like Jira.

aT timer

Read more on configuring and using the extension here.

actiTIME also offers a native mobile app for iOS and Android where you can track work hours with comments and review your time-track:


Read more on installing actiTIME Mobile app on your device and tracking time in it here.

What if I can’t find any task in the list of available tasks?

No tasks have been assigned to you yet. Ask your manager to assign necessary tasks to you.

What if I can’t enter leave time?

There are two possible reasons for that:

  • “Leave Time Tracking” feature is disabled in the system; or
  • There are no active leave types in the system.

Ask your actiTIME administrator to enable necessary leave types. See instructions in “Configuring The System”.

What if I can’t submit time for approval?

The Approval feature is disabled in actiTIME Settings → Turn features On / Off interface. Ask your manager to turn it on.

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