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Timesheet Approval is available in actiTIME Pro and actiTIME Online editions only.

If you turn this functionality ON in the Turn Features On / Off interface, you will be able to implement timesheet approval process. This functionality allows certain users to approve time-track of other users.

The managers with ‘Modify & Approve Time-Track of Other Users’ permission will be able to view, modify and subsequently approve or reject the timesheets of users assigned to them. The permission can be granted either when a user account is created or later on in the User List interface. The managers can also leave their comments to the rejected timesheets to improve the communication process.

In this interface you can assign users to the managers and assign approvers to the users or configure their timesheet approval to be performed automatically.

If you turn the ‘Time-Track Approval’ off in the Turn Features On / Off interface, the functionality will be completely disabled and the managers will be able only to modify time-track of other users. Please also note that in this case the Permission granted to the managers will be called ‘Modify Time-Track of Other Users’.

Timesheet Submission Procedure

The users whose timesheets are approved automatically can see it in their Enter Time-Track interface:

Please note that you can choose to ‘Allow approver to modify time-track of users who are configured for automatic approval’ in the General Settings interface.

The users who are assigned to approvers will see a ‘Not Ready / Ready for Approval’ switch in their Enter Time-Track interface.

Switch it to change the status when your time-track is ready for approval and click ‘Save’:

After the approver has either approved or rejected your timesheet, you will see its status:

  • If your time-track has been approved:
  • If your time-track has been rejected:

Under the    icon the users can find status records and comments of their approvers:

Please note that the users can modify their approved/rejected time-track and then submit it for timesheet approval again, if required, only if the time-track has not been locked for modification by managers. For more information refer to the section Locking and Unlocking Time-Track Data.

Timesheet Approval Procedure

Please note that this functionality requires the Approve Time-Track feature to be turned on in the Turn Features On / Off interface.

The users are assigned to approvers in the User List interface >> Account Settings tab >> Time-Track Approval column:

There are two options how the approvers can reject/approve the timesheets of assigned users:

  1. Directly in the “Enter Time-Track” interface they can select the required user in the drop-down list and then approve/reject the timesheet. Please note that the approvers will be able to approve timesheets even if they are marked as “Not ready”:
  2. Tasks of the projects not assigned to the approver will be shown on the gray background and will not be available for modification. Details on specific tasks and time reported for them will be shown or hidden, depending on the data access settings.

  3. Approvers can go to the Approve Time-Track interface where they can approve/ reject the timesheets either for one or for several users in one click:

Approvers can filter the users by their Time-Track Statuses

and choose the users to show and sort the list by users/weeks.

In this interface approvers will be able to see when a user’s timesheet is ready for approval.

Under the bell icon approvers will find information on assigned users’ timesheet approval status history:

To delete tasks with approved time-track of other users, you need to have the permission to manage tasks and the permission to modify & approve time-track of these users. To delete tasks with your own approved time-track, you only need the 'Manage Tasks' permission. An option to revoke or keep the approved status will be shown in the interface.

Permissions can be granted in the User Account Settings interface.

The data on approved/ not approved time-track is included in two reports: Staff Performance and Billing Summary. When running one of these reports you can choose what information to show:

  • summary of approved & not approved time-track
  • only approved timesheets
  • only not approved timesheets

When the ‘Time-Track Approval’ feature is turned OFF, the Approval process will be completely disabled. Following functionality will disappear from your actiTIME:

  • Approve Time-Track interface;
  • Status switch in Enter Time-Track interface;
  • Report filters by approval status.

Time-Track column in the User List will display those users whose time-track the manager can modify.

When you turn the Time-Track Approval feature off, all timesheet approval data remain in the system. So, if you decide to turn this feature on later, you will be able to use these data.