It’s Show Time! 11 Cool Things to Spend Your TV Time on


If it wasn’t super obvious already, productivity is kind of our thing here at actiTIME. But contrary to the popular belief, we’re not all ‘srs bsns’ here and do know how to relax and have fun every once in a while (just like actual people!).

Here’s an idea: we all know about time-tracking as a great way to monitor work efficiency and control time expenses. But have you ever thought about using it to track your activities outside of work? You know, the fun stuff! Everybody has their own idea of fun, of course, so we decided to take a look at something that practically everyone spends time enjoying these days – watching TV shows!

We did some digging in an effort to find out just how long it would take to watch the entire runs of the current highest ranking shows, and ended up with some eye-popping results. That’s over 500 hours of TV!!! “Who in the world has that much time to watch television??” you may be asking, and you’re not wrong. Just take a look at some of the other cool things you could do in that time.

11 Cool Things to Spend Your TV Time on

So hey, we’re not trying to tell you what you should do with your spare time here (if anything, we’re just as guilty of spending unhealthy amounts of it watching TV shows as anybody). It’s always great to have something you enjoy doing so much that hours just fly by. But trying new things every now and then can be just as exciting!

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