10 of the Best Timesheet Apps


In business, time is money. With staffing costs such a huge part of any company’s overhead, how does your business keep track of time? For many businesses, large or small, timesheet software is the best option. Staff or freelancers can use it to easily log billable hours, track absences, or clock in and out. Management can then approve timesheets for quick payments.

However, with a multitude of options on the market, how do you know the best timesheet apps for your business? Keep reading to find the best apps, both free and paid. With the range of great timesheet apps, many offering fantastic additional features, you’re sure to find the perfect app for your company.


Best timesheet apps

Best Paid Timesheet Apps

If you’re looking for the best timesheet apps for your small or large business, consider one of the below. They are perfect for managing all of your business’ needs, no matter how many staff are on your payroll. They can help you not only with time tracking, but many offer other related features, such as payroll, invoicing, and project management.

Here are some of the best timekeeping apps for your business or consultancy:

1.   actiTIME

actiTIME is one of the top time tracking tools for businesses of any size. Use it to effectively track time, assign tasks, manage projects, and analyze your data. Users can customize actiTIME to their needs, turning off functions that aren’t needed, making it flexible for any type of company.

Time tracking is simple for both employees to enter and for managers to approve, with the option to add on overtime payments automatically. It’s also simple to manage leave and absences through the app, and you can also add in new types of leave as needed.

In addition to timesheet management, it’s packed with additional useful features too, including invoicing and accounting tools, project management software, and integration with QuickBooks.

It’s a great overall choice for companies looking for timesheet management — and more.

2.   TrackingTime

If you want to measure employee productivity in real-time, TrackingTime is a helpful tool for your company. It can track both attendance and hours, and can automatically track time with the push of a button. With the Time Cards feature, your staff can clock in and out via their phones or through Slack or Microsoft Teams.

It also has useful features for project managers, as you can assign tasks and responsibilities, manage due dates, and see a weekly overview of your team’s work. Plus, its automated reporting features can cut down on admin time by making it easy to generate billing and project reports.

3.   ZoomShift

For employees who work on an hourly basis, ZoomShift is a great tool to check out. It effectively combines both scheduling and time tracking so all of your staff can easily see their schedules, along with who else is working. There’s also useful features for helping staff stay connected, including a messaging platform, the ability to find staff for last-minute replacements, and automatic email and text alerts of your weekly schedule.

Management have access to a GPS tool for tracking staff locations as they clock in. They can also quickly compare scheduled versus actual hours, ensuring that payroll is being done accurately.

4.   HourStack

From a design and UX perspective, HourStack is a great choice for managing your time. It’s a drag and drop platform that uses color and blocks to manage the calendar of you and your team, set schedules, and manage time across projects.

It can also analyze your work performance, offering suggestions as to how you can improve efficiency. That data can also be exported easily and used for invoicing. You can use it to manage multiple workspaces, useful for those who might be juggling several businesses or projects.

It’s a great tool for visually-minded workers that is simple to use and effective.

5.   Timing

Timing makes it easy to track your billable hours without worrying about it. The app can automatically track while you work, which you can then double-check at your leisure.

It’s more convenient than starting and stopping a timer, and the app also has an easy drag/drop feature so you can assign your time to budgets or projects. It’s an effective app for saving you time while you work and it also shows you when and where you were most productive. It also has a useful calendar feature, where users can assign tasks or generate invoices based on events or meetings attended.

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Best Free Timesheet Apps

For smaller businesses or companies on a tight budget, you may be on the lookout for the best free timesheet app. Luckily, there are some amazing options. You may find that the features of the free apps are limited, however most have the option to upgrade to paid versions, which allow for more users and projects.

If so, you can’t go wrong with one of the below.

1.   Hubstaff

Hubstaff offers a wide range of features beyond just timesheets. You can use geofencing to automatically track hours when staff arrive at a job site, create employee schedules, and run payroll. It’s a great all-rounder for many companies, and the detailed reporting feature is great for tracking results, budgets, and productivity. It also easily integrates with quite a few project management tools.

Hubstaff is free for single users, but not all of the features are offered in the free version, so businesses may want to upgrade to the paid version.

2.   Monitask

If you’re looking for an app that can offer both employee monitoring and time tracking, consider Monitask. When staff begin work on an assignment, management can receive random screenshots of the employee’s computer, useful for ensuring that work is being done. While this feature isn’t for everyone, managers of remote teams may find it beneficial. As employees log in and out, their timesheets are automatically generated and sent to management, saving everyone time. Once ready, you can quickly export the files to PDF or CSV for payroll.

The free version works for up to one user.

3.   Paymo

We like Paymo for its simple, colourful design, which makes it easy to log and monitor hours worked. Users can also customize their settings, great for adding it descriptions and details specific to the needs of your business. Management can view time reports in real-time so they can track the day’s progress and keep an eye on budgeting. Users can also automatically generate invoices based on their timesheets, which helps freelancers and contractors save time when billing each week.

The free version of the app includes time tracking and task management, with additional features available with a paid subscription.

4.   Homebase

Homebase is a great tool, if you’re looking for something that can handle not only timesheets, but also employee scheduling and payroll. The app makes it easy for staff to receive their work schedules via their smartphones or through a text. They receive reminders when they have a shift coming up, plus managers can use the app to approve and manage leave requests. It’s a great option for businesses with a lot of shift workers and varying schedules, such as a cafe or retail shop.

The Basic Plan is free for one location, with upgraded options available.

5.   Log My Hours

Small businesses and freelancers may find Log My Hours a very useful app. The time clock feature is easy to use, and workers can use the timer feature or enter hours worked manually into the system. Managers can then easily reject or approve timesheets directly through the app. It also offers a great invoicing feature, with users able to quickly create and send invoices. You can also create invoice retainers, useful for clients who prefer to pay in advance.

The Solo version of the app is free, allowing users up to two projects and four clients, but unlimited invoicing.

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Now that you’re up to speed on some of the best timesheet apps, both free and paid, which option is best for your business? To decide, give thought to your budget, your must-haves and wants, and consider what you want to achieve by using timesheet software.

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