Best Christmas Apps to Keep You Organized


Christmas season is a time of wonder and an amazing opportunity to bring some magic into our everyday life. But behind that magic are the magicians that put everything together. Shopping, decorating, preparing gifts and planning events – it’s not an easy job and it takes a lot of time and effort.

It all pays off in the end of course, but it’s always nice to have some help! That’s we’ve put together a collection of best holiday themed apps, so that those of us in the magic making business could get everything done on time and keep up the holiday spirit.

1. The Christmas List

Shopping for Christmas can turn into a real nightmare: you need to keep track of all the gifts, decorations, supplies… You end up with one or multiple lists and the whole thing becomes a bit of a mess.

And that’s where an app like The Christmas List comes in – not only does it keep all of your shopping lists in one place, it also allows you to set up budgets, track your progress, group gifts by their status and even share your lists with friends and family.

2. Giftster

Giftster is a gift registry app that connects your family and close friends. You can create and share your gift ideas with your entire group or individual members, set up a Secret Santa draw or mark gifts as reserved so that others don’t end up buying the same thing. It can also act as a wish list – create a list of things you’d like to receive as gifts and share it with your friends or family to make their job of picking a gift for you that much easier.

3. Christmas Radio

Nothing gets people into the Christmas spirit quite like some holiday themed music. With the Christmas Radio app you can access over 80 unique radio stations playing nothing but Christmas songs, so you can make sure that all those special moments with your friends and loved ones will now have a proper soundtrack.

4. ElfYourself

What’s Christmas without some good lighthearted fun? If you agree than the ElfYourself app is right up your alley. Pick up to five photos of your friends or family members, select a theme and watch the app produce a hilarious elf dancing video that you can share on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

5. Christmas Countdown

If the wait for Christmas is absolutely killing you, the Christmas Countdown app should tide you over until it finally arrives. The app keeps you updated on how many days, hours or even heartbeats there are until Christmas, and features multiple lovely characters to keep you company. The app is free, but the premium version allows you to remove adverts and add more Christmas jingles, so you can listen to some sweet tunes while you’re waiting for the big day.

6. Message from Santa!

If there are children in your family, this app could totally be your Christmas secret weapon – a personalized video message or a phone call from the big man himself! But that’s not all – the app also allows you to set up a child profile with their name, photo and favorite things to do, so that they can call Santa themselves, send him texts or leave voicemail. Amaze your little ones and encourage good behavior all year long with this cool little app.

7. Moonpig

Picking the right holiday card is one of the toughest challenges – you like the picture but don’t like the text, or the text is really nice but that glitter on the card looks weird, etc. Instead of wasting precious time choosing from someone else’s creations, why not make your own Christmas cards?

With the Moonpig app you can simply select a card, upload your own handwriting, and use photos from your smartphone or tablet camera to personalize the card even more. The app allows you to set up helpful reminders, so that you never miss an important event.

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December 2017
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8. A Charlie Brown Christmas

A classic animated special from 1965 transformed into a beautiful interactive storybook! Adults can get nostalgic and relieve the memories of watching the cartoon when they were little, while kids get to experience Charlie’s adventure for the first time in a more engaging and fun way. Play Schroeder’s piano, decorate the Christmas tree, go caroling with the Peanuts and more!

9. Punchbowl

Christmas is a time for getting together with your friends and family. If you’re thinking about throwing a holiday party, then Punchbowl might be just what you need. The app allows you to easily create colorful digital invitations for any event and send them via email or text. You can pick from thousands of available designs, and keep track of your guest list in real time, so you can follow-up if someone is taking too long. The premium version offers additional features like collaboration with a co-host or guest polling. Useful stuff!

10. Christmas Pics Quiz Game

Getting ready for Christmas is fun and all but with the amount of stuff you need to do things can get a little crazy. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed just relax, take a big breath and do a few quick holiday themed puzzles on your phone!

It’s a really simple game where you need to guess and spell out the name of an item hidden behind four squares. Tap the squares to reveal more of the item, but tap fewer squares and you’ll get more points. Nothing complicated, just some light brainteasing to help you unwind during the busy season.

Bonus App: actiTIME

Are you having a particularly big Christmas party this year? Lost track of countless to-dos and keep forgetting what’s already done and what’s still to be accomplished? A slightly more serious approach to task planning and organization may be of help in such a case.

Consider using actiTIME. This smart time tracker includes a simple project management feature: just create to-dos in your actiTIME account and then manage their statuses (e.g., open, in-progress, completed) on the Kanban board. In this way, you’ll always have a clear visual picture of your progress and won’t miss a single important thing.

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