Construction Experts Share How They Track Their Staff’s Time


Software-supported time tracking plays a vital role in construction companies’ work management. It helps streamline such tasks as payroll and billing. It promotes compliance with original project estimates and budgets, fosters efficient progress monitoring and allows managers to analyze team productivity in-depth.

The list of advantages that time tracking produces goes on and on. But instead of telling construction professionals why they should implement hour trackers, we asked them to share what they think about the tools they already utilize. In this way, we identified the industry players’ five favorite time tracking products, and you can learn about them in this piece.

Time tracking in the construction industry

1.   actiTIME

actiTIME is one of the most simple-to-use time trackers in the market. Along with that, it offers a potent functionality for task management, payroll, invoicing and productivity analysis. Together, actiTIME’s user-friendliness and multifunctionality meet construction firms’ needs just perfectly as they assist in handling multiple business tasks and save much time.

As noted by the long-term actiTIME users, the team at Stanley Construction:

The tool is very robust. It can be integrated well into your business process, and most important, it helps you focus on your business instead of monkeying around with technology. actiTIME was extremely easy to install, configure to our business needs and move to production. We’ve also noticed positive changes in the work process. actiTIME has reduced our payroll processing from 4-6 hours per week to 45 minutes per week.

Additionally, actiTIME has a Chrome extension and a mobile app that allow for automatic time tracking. With them, construction workers won’t have to make manual timesheet entries ever again, whereas team and project managers can always get very precise time tracking data for more informed decision making.

2.   Hubstaff

This piece of time tracking software is very popular among construction professionals primarily because it can be installed on mobile devices and incorporates the GPS tracking feature. According to Jesse Silkoff, the Founder of MyRoofingPal, an online marketplace that connects people with the best local roofers:

The GPS tracker shows which team members are at which jobs, and it can be set up to start time tracking automatically when an employee is at a specific worksite. While Hubstaff has a monthly fee per user, it is minimal compared to the money you save with workers’ accurate time tracking. The budgeting, reporting, payroll and invoicing features of the app make it even more useful for our company.

In other words, Hubstaff is a great option for those who want to improve employee monitoring and track progress efficiently. More than that, the tool has all that an owner of a construction company may need to manage their business well and attain excellent results.

3.   Boomr

Boomr also has a great variety of features that construction professionals find useful. To name a few, it allows for GPS tracking, employee scheduling and performance analysis. But as stated by Andrew Wilson, an Owner and Home Construction Contractor at Contractor Advisorly, their most favorite thing about Boomr is its project management functionality:

With Boomr, we’re able to track the current status of a task that our employee is doing. This helps us in many different ways – we can easily determine what tasks take employees the most and then see which process we can speed up. As an example, we realized that many of our employees were spending time just waiting around while the cement was drying, and we figured that, by using a faster drying cement, we could reduce our project duration by as much as 10%.

The experience of Contractor Advisorly that a time tracker can be used to promote efficiency when applied smartly, and Boomr’s versatility only increases its users’ chances for attaining superior performance outcomes.

4.   Clockify

One of the most famous time trackers out there, Clockify is adopted in many construction firms. Besides the time tracker’s simplicity, users appreciate that it can be integrated with Asana – a quality platform for project and team management. Here’s what Chris Post, the President of 2M Locating, an underground utility locating company in Sacramento, told us about this:

We really like the Clockify’s Chrome extension as it integrates into everything we do on the Web. The integration with our project management software, Asana, is especially useful. It allows us to track work time very accurately by just clicking the Start and the Finish button when we start or complete our tasks. Consequently, we can average the tracked time to set benchmarks for future employees and expansion.

The core Clockify features can be utilized absolutely for free, but if you want to advance the tool’s functionality – include branded reporting or be able to set up performance targets, for example – you may subscribe to one of the paid product plans.

5.   TSheets

The last tool in our list – TSheets – combines hour and GPS tracking with punch-in and punch-out functionality for better employee attendance and work time monitoring. But as stated by Keith Melanson, a Project Manager at a Canadian home renovation company named RenosGroup, they like TSheets mainly because it helps handle many client-related issues:

With TSheets, we can get more accurate time estimates for our clients’ upcoming projects. The time tracking details also help our team with time management performance, as well as in customer service situations whenever a client wants to know when a specific task was, in fact, completed.

In this way, a good time tracker can foster not only a greater level of employee accountability but also a higher degree of transparency in construction companies’ relationships with their clients. All that is essential if you want to reduce business costs and promote profitability.

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