It’s All About the Money:
6 Resources for Accountants


Are you looking to start a career in accounting but don’t know where to begin? Then begin right here.

Or perhaps you’re an experienced accountant looking to learn new things and advance your career. Either way, you’re in the right place.

We know that starting a career in accounting is a long and difficult road with lots of competition along the way. So we want to make it a little easier.

Below, we list the top online resources for accountants to get you started. This list contains both free resources and links to sites where you may purchase official, accredited CPA training.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for the next step in your journey toward accounting success, you’ll find the resources you need on this list. Read on to learn more.

Resources for accountants

1. actiTIME

If you’re not familiar with our blog, the actiTIME blog is an excellent resource for improving your time management and productivity skills.

From this blog, you’ll learn practical skills including the best time estimation methods. It also teaches you about the most helpful time-tracking tools and other productivity apps. You’ll even gain general management knowledge like federal overtime pay regulations and HR tips.

These resources are provided to increase your project management success no matter what your career. But the skills you pick up here are especially indispensable for accountants.

Our three favorite articles for accountants on this blog are:

2. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) website is a massive resource database dedicated to helping individuals succeed in their accounting career. There, you can learn all aspects of an accounting career, including the first steps to becoming a CPA, earning CPE credit, landing your first CPA job, and advanced accounting skills.

Their resources aren’t free, however. But they are top-notch. They offer books, webcast subscriptions, and more. You can even earn CPE credits through their educational resources.

Our three favorite resources for accountants on this site are:

3. The American Accounting Association

Rather than charging per resource like the AICPA, the American Accounting Association (AAA) offers memberships for accounting students. An AAA membership gives you access to up-to-date accounting journals, research papers, statistics, live or recorded conferences, and other invaluable resources. This pricing plan makes getting official accountant training much more affordable for most students.

That’s not to say they give you bargain-quality training, either. The education you pay for at AAA is as competent as any college curriculum—except that it’s exclusively focused on accounting.

If you’re interested and want to know more, we recommend reading these resources on the AAA website:

4. Money

This may seem a strange recommendation since Money is a financial news and advice site geared toward the average consumer, not specifically accountants. But visiting a top financial site like Money does provide a wealth of free benefits for accountants, too.

For one thing, Money always stays on top of our country’s ever-changing financial trends. So you can always find the absolute latest developments in financial advice and the state of our economy. Then, you can pass these along to your clients.

Accounting students who are still learning can also put the tips they read on Money into practice for themselves. Money’s tips and news articles give you a broader view of accounting than a mere textbook education. They help you to see good accounting sense in real-life, relevant, up-to-date situations.

Our three favorite articles for accountants on this blog are:

5. Coursera

Online learning has become more popular than ever this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many whose careers have been affected by shelter in place orders have turned to online learning centers to begin training for a new career.

Online universities offer massively open online courses (MOOCs) for training in any career, including accounting. One of the top online schools today is Coursera. Their accounting courses include:

Coursera also has a blog with many free accounting resources. Our three favorite articles for accountants on this blog are:

6. YouTube

Before we get into this last point, we want to make a little disclaimer. Please don’t think we’re trying to steer you down the wrong path by suggesting YouTube as an educational resource for accounting.

Obviously, YouTube is not an accredited educational institution. And anyone can say whatever bad advice they want with no repercussions at all to the channel that posts it. That said, it is also the largest free online video database that has ever existed—a wealth of knowledge beyond our ancestors’ wildest dreams.

All you have to do to find legitimate CPA training videos is to confirm the legitimacy of the channel you’re watching. For example, if it’s the official YouTube channel of Ted Talks or the University of Utah, it’s information you can trust.

A lot of colleges post their actual lectures online so viewers can “sit-in” for free. This won’t earn you any official credits. But it’s still technically a free college education.

Our three favorite videos for accountants on YouTube are:

Equip Yourself for Accounting Success

Whether you’re looking to pay for an accounting education or you just need some free, supplemental CPA training, don’t forget about this list. The above resources have what you need no matter what step comes next in your accounting career.

To make sure you don’t lose the valuable information you’ve learned here today, bookmark this page. If you know any accountants or accounting students who can benefit from these resources, please share this page with them, too.

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