10 Free Time Clock Apps for Better Team Management


In many industries, keeping track of employees’ work time is a must, which is particularly true for new companies and startups that are yet to establish their workflows. Time tracking data provide managers and business owners with essential evidence regarding the effectiveness of project performance and allow identifying which areas require improvement.

Making the process of time tracking uncomplicated is vital here. A tool applied to record working hours should offer an easy way to do so and, if necessary, clock in and out. Present-day solutions don’t necessarily cost a fortune. Today there are plenty of free time clock apps in the market, and they are suitable for teams of various sizes. We’ve collected a list of them – take a look!

1.  actiTIME

actiTIME is a powerful work management solution for individual entrepreneurs, as well as small, medium-sized and large teams. Its main specialty is time tracking that can be carried out either manually or with an automatic timer. Besides, the tool offers a plentitude of ways to process and analyze the submitted time track data.

actiTIME’s reporting module comprises performance and cost / profit reports that aid managers in understanding team productivity trends and analyzing how profitable their projects are. Information presented in these reports can also be exported to third-party apps, which significantly facilitates the supervision and managerial decision making.

Lastly, actiTIME works as both a cloud application or an on-premise solution, depending on the company’s internal requirements. Users may access the tool via web browsers, and those who want to track time on the go can employ actiTIME on their mobile devices too.

It’s an amazing product, and despite the fact that there is no cost associated with free edition it is extremely well-polished and a good deal better than other apps which have license fees. At this point actiTIME more than meets the needs of my company. Thanks for developing such a wonderful app and keeping it free!

2.  Clockify

Clockify is a simple timesheet and time tracking solution for diverse teams. It helps submit work time either manually or automatically, as well as categorize and review time records by projects, tasks and tags.

For managers and business owners, Clockify offers an uncomplicated reporting functionality that allows analyzing data with different levels of detail. Additionally, information submitted to the time tracker can be transferred to external instruments for further processing. Likewise, the tool can be integrated with project management software and utilized as a mobile app, letting users switch between their devices quickly.

The basic version of Clockify with time tracking alone is always free. Nevertheless, if you are interested in expanding the instrument’s functionality – add various control functions and a greater degree of automation and customization – you will have to pay from $9.99 to 29.99 a month.

3.  Open Time Clock

Open Time Clock works as a time tracking and attendance management solution. It has the clock-in and clock-out functionality that enables users to record their punch-in time with a barcode RFID and GPS location tracking. For login, employees may use a web camera too, which reduces the risk of time theft by preventing buddy punching. Open Time Clock can also be configured to let employees clock in only from specific networks, devices or locations.

The tool supports the tracking of absences, time-off accruals and regular shifts. Therefore, itl is great for managing remote and distributed teams as it assists in planning daily workloads, overviewing shifts and monitoring employees’ presence at their workplaces. Notably, the free version of Open Time Clock affords an unlimited number of users and includes all the features except for reporting and clock-in by face recognition that are available merely as part of the paid plans.

4.  On The Clock

On The Clock is a time tracking tool with advanced clock-in and clock-out functionality for managing working time and employee attendance. Available as an online version for desktop browsers and an online app, it allows employees to punch in and out from any device authorized by managers. With GPS tracking and geofencing, it is fairly easy to monitor employees’ whereabouts while also restricting punch-in permissions to specific locations.

For managers’ convenience, the app provides a list of all team members with their presence statuses, as well as a map overview of their attendance information. Besides, managers can use the submitted data to calculate work hours, handle employee availability issues, run payrolls and make exports to bill customers.

The free version of On The Clock comprises all these features and affords up to 2 users. If your team comprises 3 members and more, you will have to pay $2.20 per each of them monthly. Moreover, if you are interested in fingerprint clock-in, it will cost you at least $5 regardless of the size of your team.

5.  Homebase

This time clock tool allows for scheduling, time tracking and monitoring of employee attendance and overtime. On top of all this, Homebase offers free job postings, which fosters the integration of hiring and other HR management activities with shift management and employee supervision.

As for the time clock property of the app, it lets managers see when and where subordinates start their workdays. With the help of this function, it becomes easier to detect if someone is late, skips their breaks or stays at work longer than required. Therefore, Homebase will support you in efforts to comply with overtime regulations.

All the above basic features can be accessed through the free version of the app that is suitable for an unlimited number of team members situated in one location. With the paid versions, you will get such extras as messaging, advanced scheduling and labor cost control.

6.  ClockIt

ClockIt is great for those interested in attendance monitoring and time tracking. The tool’s specialty is clock-in: all that users need to do for punching in is simply log in to their accounts from a manager-approved location. In this way, ClockIt enables managers to overview employee attendance in the real-time mode.

The clock-in function is included in the free ClockIt version and can be utilized either on desktop browsers or mobile apps by an unlimited number of team members. However, the paid versions, whose price depends on the size of the team, have extended functionality. The key features that you may get hold of after paying a monthly fee are reporting, workforce automation, GPS tracking, leave accruals, shift scheduling and planning.

7.  FindMyShift

FindMyShift is a scheduling and time clock app for efficient team supervision and resource coordination. The instrument’s primary ingredients are timesheet management, clock-in / clock-out and shift notifications via either SMS or e-mails.

By using FindMyShift, you’ll be able to create perfect rosters and approve / reject employees’ shift requests in just one click. Furthermore, the app will aid you in seeing when and if your staff members commence their workdays. In this way, you will increase the accuracy of the payroll process. In addition, like many other tools in the list, FindMyShift can be accessed through both desktop browsers and mobile devices.

The free version affords merely up to 5 users and has a slightly limited functionality than the paid one, which will cost you $35 USD per team every month. With the free version, you will miss such useful features as real-time reporting, payroll calculation and customizable database but will get the main ones nevertheless.

8.  When I Work

This tool is designed for effortless workload and employee time management. Its main attributes are team scheduling and time tracking. The benefits of the first one include better task and shift coordination, whereas the second one facilitates progress monitoring and payroll processing. Along with this, When I Work incorporates messaging that allows for ongoing information sharing and team communication, as well as the time off requests feature that eases the management of employees’ absences.

The app is suitable for businesses of any size and specialization. However, the free version grants access only for up to 75 users and can be used just by one team situated in a single location. The paid versions (Basic, Pro and Enterprise) afford an unlimited number of users and are suitable for businesses with multiple locations. Besides, the paid versions have an extended number of functions. Some of the most important ones are Overtime Visibility, Shift & Team Task Lists and Labor Reports.

9.  Open SimSim

Open SimSim has everything a manager may wish for to supervise their teams and make certain that business and project activities are performed on schedule. The main functions of the app are team scheduling, messaging and time clock. With their help, you may foster effective communication, optimize workloads and coordinate employees’ time off while also monitoring their availability.

The reporting feature provides insight into labor, overtime and cost indicators of your team. Thus, it gives a chance to make evidence-based improvements in internal operations and team-related factors. Finally, this software can be utilized on different platforms and various devices, which increases the mobility and convenience of time tracking and team management significantly.

Both the free and the paid versions of Open SimSim can be applied by an unlimited number of users. Nonetheless, if you’ll choose to pay $2.99 per employee monthly, you will get an extended list of properties, such as lateness alerts, payroll export and automated clock-outs.

10.  Time Clock Wizard

Yet another excellent time tracking solution, Time Clock Wizard, provides access from multiple platforms and allows employees to clock in without any hustle. With this tool, managers can overview when and where their team members punch in, as well as which device they utilize when doing so.

Teams of any sizes can implement the free version of Time Clock Wizard that accommodates the time tracking and clock-in features along with full customer support. To include timesheet reports, employee scheduling, manager notifications, access from mobile apps, photo capture at clock-in and many other utilities, you will need to pay at least $14.9 per month. But regardless of the license you choose, free or paid, Time Clock Wizard still guarantees the highest level of security for your data.

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