Top Free Time Clock Apps:
2019 List


In many industries, keeping track of employees’ work time is a must. This is particularly true for small businesses, new companies, and startups that need to establish productive workflows and procedures. Timekeeping data provide managers and business owners with vital information on which projects and workflow steps are effective and which ones require improvement.

Making the process uncomplicated is key here. The tool used for timekeeping and work hours recording should feature an easy way to log work time and, if necessary, clock in and out. Available solutions don’t necessarily cost a fortune – there are free time clock apps that work for teams of different sizes. We’ve collected a list of them – take a look!

1. actiTIME

actiTIME is a robust timekeeping and work management solution for teams of any size, small businesses, and solo entrepreneurs. It features time-tracking – manually and with a timer – and offers various ways to process and analyze collected time-track data. Its reporting module includes time and cost reports that help managers understand important trends in their teams’ productivity, easily get billable totals, and analyze profitability of specific projects. Obtained data can be exported in PDF and CSV formats and used in third-party tools.

actiTIME works as a cloud application or an on-premise software, depending on the company’s internal requirements. Its desktop version can be accessed via web browsers from employees’ workstations, and for those who track time on the go mobile apps are available.

It’s an amazing product, and despite the fact that there is no cost associated with free edition it is extremely well-polished and a good deal better than other apps which have license fees. At this point actiTIME more than meets the needs of my company. Thanks for developing such a wonderful app and keeping it free!

2. Clockify

Clockify is a simple time clock solution for teams. It helps employees track work time using a timer, edit entries, and categorize time records by projects, tasks and tags. The tool allows to review time-track results for various periods on a dashboard. For managers and business owners, it features simple reporting with different levels of details.

The data can be exported in PDF and CSV for further processing. The tool can be integrated with project management software and offers apps for smartphones and tablets to allow users to switch between their devices.

3. Open Time Clock

This tool works as a time-tracking and attendance management solution. It features clock-in and –out using various methods: face recognition, web camera, barcode RFID, and GPS location tracking. It can be configured to allow employees to clock in from specific networks, devices, or locations. Open Time Clock also supports tracking of absences, paid time-off accruals, and shifts.

Open Time Clock is great for managing remote and distributed teams. It helps plan shift works, monitor employees’ presence at their workplaces and job sites, and manage absences on the team. Free plan includes all features except for reports, which are available as a part of paid plan.

4. On The Clock

A time clock tool that offers advanced clock-in and –out functionality for managing work time and attendance. Available for various devices, it allows employees to punch in and out from any device authorized by managers. With GPS tracking and geofencing, it’s easier to track employees’ whereabouts and restrict punch-in to specific locations. Fingerprint clock-in helps prevent buddy punch.

Managers can easily review who’s in: the app provides a list of employees with their statuses. If an employee forgets to punch in or out, manager can edit their data. For reviewing employees’ punch activity, a map view is available with employees’ attendance data. Managers can use the collected records to calculate work hours, handle attendance issues, run payrolls, and export data for billing customers.

5. Homebase

A time clock solution for local and distributed teams that simplifies work and attendance management. It works on desktops and mobile devices and allows to track arrivals, work time, and paid or unpaid breaks, both in online and offline mode. GPS-based clock-in helps managers manage attendance of their off-site and remote employees. Managers can also edit their employees’ entries when someone forgets to clock in or out.

The tool helps managers enforce compliance with schedules and prevent early clock-ins. On paid plans with advanced functionality, the app also sends alerts when an employee accumulates overtime or doesn’t punch in.

6. ClockIt

ClockIt is a time and attendance management tool that allows managers to monitor employees’ presence at their workplaces and manage absence issues on their teams. It supports various punch-in methods: via web browser, Slack, mobile app, and features biometric clock-in. With it, you can easily turn a mobile device into a clock-in kiosk to track people’s attendance on a specific location.

The tool features time entry corrections with a request procedure: if an employee forgets to clock in or out, they can request a correction from their reporting manager and get the entry edited when their request is approved.

To simplify configuration of the tool in large teams, it offers various preset roles for employees and managers. Managers can access collected records, run reports based on them, configure rules for leave accrual and work time rounding, and manage the system.

7. FindMyShift

A shift planning and attendance management tool for teams and individual users. Its time clock application allows employees to punch in and out from mobile devices and helps managers review who is in. The tool allows to plan shifts for various periods and compare employees’ clock-in entries with their planned presence times.

This solution is free for teams of up to 5 employees. Its free edition allows planning for one week forward and keeps previous week’s historical data. Paid options also provide such helpful features as reporting, templates, payroll calculation, and advanced data filtering.

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