Corporate Work Schedule

actiTIME allows you to set up your company’s work schedule with corporate and public holidays and custom working and nonworking days. This can be done in Settings >> Corporate Work Schedule menu.

Corporate work schedule

Nonworking days are set by default to Saturdays and Sundays. You can change this default work schedule setting in Settings >> General Settings menu, Time-Track and Work Schedule section.

You need to have the “Manage System Settings” permission to access this interface.

To configure your corporate work schedule, you can:

  • Change days’ statuses: working days, nonworking days, and holidays.

    Click on the day to change its status. Enter holiday name if necessary:

    Set up working days and holidays
  • Import national holidays for any country and remove holidays.

    Under the Import Holidays button, select the country to import national holidays for:

    Import national holidays

    Review the list and confirm the import. Holidays will be imported for the remaining part of the year starting from the current date.

    Later you can review the list under the Holiday List menu, remove the entire list of holidays, edit specific holidays, or remove them individually.

  • Upload holidays from an iCal file.

    Under the Import Holidays button, select the Import Holidays from an iCal File option:

    Import holidays from iCal file

    Upload the file, review the list of imported holidays, and confirm the import.

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