Settings 🡪 Licenses

In the Licenses interface, you can:

  • Review and manage your actiTIME and actiPLANS subscriptions;
  • Add billing information;
  • Choose payment methods;
  • Enable and disable license managers (selected from the list of active users).

Only confirmed license managers can access this interface and perform the above operations. There are several ways to become one:

  • In the beginning, a user who initiates the product trial becomes a license manager automatically.
  • Consequently, this first license manager can assign the permission to manage product subscriptions to other users of choice: License Managers > Edit > Choose users who can manage licenses.
    Choose users who can manage licenses in actiTIME / actiPLANS
  • Once a user is granted the permission, they need to accept or reject it by following the instructions sent with an email notification OR choosing the Accept / Decline option in the Licenses interface directly. Until this step is completed, a new license manager has the Pending Acceptance status, and their access to the Licenses interface is restricted.

    Note: The acceptance request may be re-sent multiple times by clicking on the envelope icon next to a user’s email address.

    Pending acceptance status
  • After a license manager’s status is confirmed, they become able to edit the License Managers list, add new users to it or delete the existing ones (everyone except themselves).

License Managers’ Rights and Responsibilities

Besides the exclusive rights to run all the subscription-related transactions in the Licenses interface, confirmed license managers can initiate actiTIME-actiPLANS integrations and log in their product accounts even after the license expires (while other users cannot).

Contact information of confirmed license managers will be used by actiTIME Inc. to deliver service-related messages and notifications. Thus, by accepting the license management permission, users agree to participate in communications with the company and provide their consent for personal data processing in accordance with the GDPR.

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