With actiTIME email notifications you can configure automatic messages so as to:

  • Inform users about an upcoming deadline;
  • Remind about incomplete time report;
  • Warn when they approach estimated task budget, etc.

The notifications will be triggered automatically when certain conditions are met.

Enabling Notifications

Notifications can be enabled in the Settings > Notifications interface. You need to have the “Manage System Settings” permission to access this section.

For each notification you can create an unlimited number of rules defining who and when should receive the notification messages.

All notifications may be configured to be sent daily, or on selected week days. When you create a new rule, by default it is turned on. To put it on pause, press the “Pause rule” button.


Notification Types

Altogether there are 6 notification types listed below

  1. Personal time-track reminder – Users will be reminded to fill in their timesheets if they reported less hours than expected.
  2. Report on unsubmitted time-track – Managers will receive a list of employees whose timesheets are incomplete.
  3. Notification of upcoming deadline – Users will be alerted of the missed or coming deadlines of the open tasks from their scope.
  4. Notification of worked out task estimate – Users will be alerted when the time reported for a task reaches a specified % of the estimate.
  5. Notification of overrun project budget – Managers will be notified when the project cost (based on users’ pay rates) exceeds the budget.
  6. Notification of personal earnings – Managers will receive a list of employees whose cost of work reaches some pre-defined value.

Notification Recipients

You may choose who will receive each notification either by specifying particular users, departments, or time zone groups, or selecting a group of users with certain permissions as described below:

  • All users with the “Enter Time-Track” permission (for Personal time-track reminders)
  • All users with access to scope of work (for Reports on unsubmitted time-track)
  • All users with the “Manage Scope of Work” permission (for Notifications on upcoming deadlines and Worked out task estimates)
  • All users with the “Manage Cost & Billing Data” permission (for Project budget overrun and Personal earnings notifications)

Please note: Notifications will NOT be received by the following groups of users, even if they are explicitly selected:

  • Users with disabled access (for all notifications)
  • Users without email address (for all notifications)
  • Users without necessary permissions

Configuring Notifications

actiTIME allows you to configure several notifications of the same type. For example, you can configure financial notifications to show weekly and monthly over-budget amounts, and for project budget there is an option to see total overrun in addition. This is useful if you prefer to have detailed notifications.

Edit all fields as necessary by clicking on the rule and adjusting the values or selecting options from a drop-down.


Notifications of each type may be conveniently set according to both calendar and working days. Select working days if you want to exclude public holidays from the calculations.


The exact time when notifications are sent may be specified in the Settings > General Settings interface. It is the same for all users, but each user will receive the notifications in their local time zone.

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