Leave Types


You can create, edit and delete leave types in the Settings > Leave Types menu. To access it, you should have the “Manage System Settings” permission.

To create a new leave type, press “Create Leave Type”. For each leave type, you can:

  • Enter a name.
  • Select an icon.
  • Set up an hourly pay rate – it will be used to pre-set the leave time rate in the user settings panel.
  • Associate it with the PTO or Sick Days Balance and set up a coefficient for subtracting leave time from the balance. You can also leave this box unchecked if you don’t want the leave to affect any of the balances.

Additionally, you can archive leave types that are temporarily not used, and activate them later again.

To edit an existing leave type, simply press on any cell right in the leave types list, enter a new value and confirm.


You can also change the order in which leave types are displayed in the interfaces. Click the order number and press the up or down arrow.


Note that you can only delete a leave type if there is no reported time for it in the system.

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