Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers on the most popular questions about actiTIME

Do I need an actiTIME account to access the actiTIME Mobile app?

Yes, you do. If you don't have an actiTIME account, please sign up for a free trial.

How does actiTIME Mobile connect to the server? Is it secure?

actiTIME connects to the server via HTTP/HTTPS. We recommend using encrypted HTTPS connection if you want to be sure that your data is safe.

actiTIME Online always uses HTTPS connection to connect to the server.

What are the software requirements for actiTIME Mobile?

actiTIME iPhone app requires iOS 10+

actiTIME Android app requires Android 5+

The mobile application is compatible with both downloadable and hosted actiTIME versions starting from actiTIME v3.1. However, please note that the ability to change user’s data and to view locked time-track, approved time-track and overtime are only available in the mobile app for actiTIME versions starting from 2017.1.

How can I access the mobile app if I have actiTIME Self-Hosted installed?

To access the existing actiTIME installation on your mobile device, please follow these steps:

  1. Install actiTIME Mobile Timesheet application from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Launch the application and choose the option "I'm already an actiTIME user".
  3. Enter parameters of your actiTIME account:
    • URL of your actiTIME server (e.g. )
    • Your actiTIME username and password
  4. Tap "Log In and Sync Data" button.

If the application cannot connect to your actiTIME server, please check whether you can access your actiTIME account via a web browser.

If not, please contact your System Administrator to make sure that the server machine where actiTIME is installed is accessible from outside. If nothing helps, please let us know at

Can I work offline with actiTIME Mobile?

Yes, you can. The data can be synchronized with your actiTIME account when the Internet connection is available. However, completed tasks as well as archived projects and customers are not visible in the mobile app. You can see this information in actiTIME web interface only. actiTIME Mobile app allows you to report time only for open tasks of active projects assigned to you.