Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers on the most popular questions about actiTIME

Can I import data into actiTIME?

Yes. When setting up actiTIME, you can import the customer-project-task structure instead of creating it manually.

To do that:

  1. open the Tasks interface and select Add New Task ➔ Import Tasks from CSV.
  2. Prepare the data according to our template (you can find it directly in the task import box), and
  3. Upload the file.

What if the app doesn’t accept my file?

Can I export data from actiTIME?

Yes. You can use three data export mechanisms:

  1. actiTIME API. It allows users to access the data directly and export it for backup, analysis, synchronization and other purposes.

    You can find detailed information on using actiTIME API in our API documentation.

  2. Data export functionality in the Reports interface. You can export any report in CSV or create its printable copy in PDF, if your browser supports this.

    After creating a chart, you can export it into a PDF file.

  3. You can export Customers, Projects and Tasks from the Tasks interface.

Does actiTIME have an API?

Yes. actiTIME has an API that ensures direct interaction with the application and lets you export the data for backup, analysis, synchronization and other purposes. It allows you to retrieve any part of the data stored in actiTIME, for example:

  • users’ work and leave time records;
  • lists of customers, projects and tasks;
  • lists of users, departments and time zone groups;
  • properties of specific customers, projects and tasks;
  • system settings;
  • etc.

More details on the actiTIME API are available in our API documentation.

Does actiTIME have integrations with other software?

actiTIME Online seamlessly integrates with actiPLANS, our leave time management solution. Together, they create a robust work and leave time management system that helps project managers, accountants and HR managers streamline their workflow.

actiTIME Pro and Online also integrate with QuickBooks, one of the most popular accounting tools. Download and install QB Integrator to be able to import timesheet data into QuickBooks.

Currently we are working on the integration functionality in actiTIME and many new integrations are coming in the near future, so stay tuned!