Frequently Asked Questions

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I don’t need three levels in the Time-Track hierarchy. Can I remove the third level?

Currently all three levels are mandatory in actiTIME, and it is not possible to remove any of them. However, if you don’t need the third level, you can create just one item on the top level and associate all projects (second level) with that item. It is not mandatory to create further top-level items if you don’t need them.

How do I configure starting leave balances for actiTIME users?

User’s starting leave balances can be set up in the User List, under the PTO Balance and Sick Days Balance tabs.

Sick Days Balance tabs

In this interface you can also set up user’s leave balance accrual rules, or configure the system rules to be applied.

How do I configure user’s initial pay rates for work and leave time?

After creating a new user account, set up initial cost of work rate, overtime rate, and leave rate that will be used to calculate user’s earnings:

  1. Open Users interface.
  2. Click on the user’s name to open User Account Settings, and
  3. Configure all pay rates in the Cost of Work Rates section.

How do I assign users to customers, projects and tasks?

1. In the customer, project or task properties:

assigning_user_1 assigning_user_2 assigning_user_3

2. On the Work Assignments tab of the User List:

assigning_user_4 assigning_user_5

Note that only managers with “Manage Accounts & Permissions” and/ or “Manage Scope” permissions can edit users’ work assignments. They can assign to regular users only customers, projects and tasks from their management scope.

Where can I view my current PTO balance?

In actiTIME, regular users can see their PTO balance in the View Time-Track interface.

Managers who have the right to manage user accounts can review team members’ leave balances in the PTO Balance and Sick Days Balance tabs of the User List.

Managers with time reporting permission can review PTO values of the entire team in the Leave Time & Balances report.

Please note that actiTIME allows to submit only one leave day at a time. If you need to submit several leave days, consider using actiPLANS, our leave time management solution that seamlessly integrates with actiTIME.

Can I convert employee’s overtime into Paid Time Off?

Currently there is no special option to convert overtime to additional paid time-off days.

However, you can always adjust the employee’s balance manually if you want to increase it by the number of overworked hours or days. This can be done in the PTO Balance and Sick Days Balance tabs of the User List:

PTO Balance

Please note that if you set a hard balance value and then retroactively submit leave time for past dates, these leaves won’t affect the current balance. To avoid this situation, use “Increase balance” and “Decrease balance” options.

Can I assign an employee to 2 departments at a time?

No. One user can be assigned to one department and one time zone group at a time.

As a workaround, if you need to assign a user to two departments but don’t need the time zone groups as such, you can use time zone groups as an additional grouping parameter for users.

How can I move a project to another customer?

This can be done in the project properties panel. Open it by clicking on the cog symbol in the project line and select Actions ➔ Move to:

support actiTime

How can I move a task to another project?

You can do that from the task properties panel. Click on the task name to open it, select Actions ➔ Move to, and choose the customer and the project you want to move your task to.

How do I configure data visibility for my team members?

actiTIME allows you to configure different data access rights for different categories of employees. There are several ways to configure data visibility for your colleagues:

  1. User permissions. They can be configured in the user’s account settings:

    User permissions actiTime

    See more details on the permissions in the User Guide.

  2. Additional data access restrictions. To configure them, please go to: Settings >> General Settings >> Data Access Restrictions. These rules will be applied to all users with a certain set of permissions (for example, managers with the ‘Approval’ right).

    Data Access Restrictions

    Learn more about system-wide data access configuration in the User Guide.