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I cannot log in. What can I do?

First of all, check if you are accessing your actiTIME installation via the correct URL. Contact your colleagues to check that, or find the necessary link in welcome and setup emails from actiTIME.

If the URL is correct, make sure that you are entering correct login and password. If you’re not sure if you remember the password correctly, try resetting it. To do that, use the “Forgot password?” link in the login window and follow the instructions from the password reset email.

If nothing of the above helps, try resetting the password as described in the instructions below:

Password Reset Instructions for MS Access Database

Password Reset Instructions for MySQL Database

actiTIME doesn’t work. What can I do?

If you cannot access actiTIME Online, make sure your Internet connection works fine. If yes, check if the maintenance works are performed currently. We inform our customers about any upcoming scheduled maintenance by email. Maintenance works don’t take more than several hours, so try accessing the installation later.

If none of the above options helps you fix the problem, check if the Docker app is running smoothly. Check out our Admin Guide for more information on how to install Docker for Windows or Linux.

If you are not able to access actiTIME Self-Hosted (the page is not available), follow the below instructions depending on the kind of installation you have:

  • Auto installation package.

Start actiTIME via Start 🡪 All programs 🡪 actiTIME menu, or restart actiTIME server at Windows start menu 🡪 Control panel 🡪 Administrative tools 🡪 Services 🡪 actiTIME Server.

If actiTIME still cannot be started, run the .exe installer again and select the Repair / Reconfigure option. The repair process will find and fix possible problems.

If Repair / Reconfigure does not help, proceed with reinstalling actiTIME. See the Administration Guide for detailed instructions.

  • Custom installation package.

Start Tomcat server.

Upon login, I am being forwarded to a past week in actiTIME. How can I fix this?

This happens when the link that you are using to access actiTIME contains a reference to a past week. Remove that part from the link and re-save it in your browser bookmarks. When using the updated link, actiTIME will redirect you to the current week.

actiTIME navigation panel

I can’t import customers, projects and tasks from a CSV file. How can I fix that?

If you are receiving any errors during the import:

  • Check if the structure of your document complies with the standard template and adjust it if necessary;
  • Make sure that the encoding is correct. The correct ones are UTF-8 and UTF-16.

In Excel, you can choose the necessary encoding when saving the file. Select Tools >> Web Options and configure the correct encoding:

tasks from a CSV

The data in the exported CSV is not separated by cells

This happens when different field separators are configured in actiTIME and in your operating system / spreadsheet editor. To fix this, identify the field separator that is used in your spreadsheet editor (usually it is Excel) and set it up in actiTIME Settings ➔ General Settings ➔ Formats menu.

To find out what field separator is configured in your Excel, find a CSV file that looks fine when opened in Excel, open it in any text editor (for example Notepad) and see what symbol is used to separate the values in the line.

actiTIME is working slower than usually. What can I do about it?

Try disabling all add-ons in your browser. Usually, the add-ons slow down response, so disabling them helps speed up the access to web sites and applications.

If you have lots of open tasks and projects in actiTIME, this may impair the performance. Review your open tasks and complete those that you have finished working on.

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