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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers on the most popular questions about actiTIME

How secure is my data? Who can access it?

When you are using actiTIME Online, the database is stored in our secure data center. We protect your actiTIME data by firewall and make daily backups of your time tracking data. Access to your actiTIME installation is secured with encrypted communication channel and corresponding security certificates.

When you download and install actiTIME on your side, your technical specialists are responsible for the security of all actiTIME data. You can configure actiTIME Custom installation package to work via HTTPS; see instructions for doing that in our Administration Guide.

Can I remove all my data from the cloud storage after the subscription for actiTIME Online ends?

It is not possible to remove the data on your own, but you can send us a request at If necessary, we’ll send you a backup of your database before removing it from our server.

How do you process my credit card data? Do you store it safe?

We don’t store your credit card data. It is stored and processed by third-party operators (PayPal, Stripe). They protect the stored data according to their standards that are considered highly secure.

Does my data stay safe in the cloud? How often is it backed up?

Yes, the data in the actiTIME Online application stays safe on our cloud servers. We protect it using up-to-date security procedures and protocols. We also make daily backups of the data in each installation, and these backups are stored for two weeks. Within this period, it is possible to restore your data from the backup.

How do I ensure data safety on my local installation? Are there regular backups on it?

actiTIME Self-Hosted doesn’t provide an automatic backup mechanism. Your technical specialists are responsible for regular backups and recovery of data.

You can find detailed instructions on the backup procedure in our Administration Guide.