Best Tips from Experts on How to Be More Productive


We all sometimes find it hard to stay productive when we have to tackle too many different tasks throughout the day. Finding out how increase productivity without getting exhausted is a problem that many office employees are facing these days.

Well, each of us has our own know-hows for being efficient, and the Internet is full of productivity articles, motivational quotes, and scientific research on the subject.

There is no lack of advice for sure, but that’s the problem: reading it all can easily turn into another time-wasting activity. So in an effort to save you some time, we have summed up recommendations, and collected some nice infographics that will help you stick to healthy work habits.

9 simple tips on how to be more productive:

  1. Work smarter – not harder.

    Working 60 hours a week isn’t what brings you success – a thoughtful approach is. Set a timer for work and rest intervals, avoid answering each email right away, and tackle the most challenging tasks first.

  2. Be a wise team leader.

    Help your employees prioritize work, provide them with constructive
    feedback, and give them opportunities to learn and improve.

  3. Follow simple and seemingly obvious rules.

    Don’t work overtime, avoid multitasking, and learn to say no to
    excessive work.

  4. Prepare for the new workday the night before.

    Think of tasks you’ll tackle tomorrow, gather your materials and
    papers, write out your goals, and create a to-do list if you have many upcoming tasks.

  5. Don’t forget about motivating and rewarding activities!

    Tell yourself you’re starting anew, reward yourself before get
    started with work, stay positive, collaborate with your colleagues, and be nice and friendly to everyone
    around you.

  6. Identify and fight bad productivity habits.

    Distractions, multitasking, perfectionism, lack of sleep destroy all your efforts to
    work efficiently. Be mindful about this and don’t let negative factors affect your productivity levels.

  7. Get more value of your mornings.

    Create morning routines that will help you stay productive
    throughout the day – they work even for “night owls”. Stick to a consistent regime, don’t press the
    snooze button, and get moving.

  8. Reclaim your time.

    Keep track of what and how long you’re doing, calculate your time expenses for different periods, and
    compare past and current data to see your progress.

  9. Make use of breaks at work.

    Define your activities for a 5-minute, 10-minute, and 30-minute
    breaks: walking, exercising, chatting with colleagues, listening to podcasts – anything that can help
    you switch off from work and relax.

In a busy work environment, it is not always easy to resist stress and distractions. You can print out these visual tips on how to be more productive and use them as motivational posters at work – or just read them and follow these recommendations to stay focused and productive every day.

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