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Performance efficiency is the key to successful project delivery in the architecture and construction spheres. That’s why a thoughtful organization of workflows and strict compliance with them are crucial there.

However, successful planning and realization of architectural and construction projects are hardly possible without specialized project management software. Here’s our selection of the best tools for creating, monitoring and managing project works.


Project management software for architects

1. actiTIME

Project planning and progress monitoring are critical for the efficient management of architectural projects. actiTIME – a smart tool combining work management and time tracking features – can assist your team in performing them impeccably.

The scope management functionality in actiTIME enables users to create projects and tasks and distribute workloads among responsible persons. Once duties are assigned, you can start tracking working hours and billable time in a straightforward timesheet and then monitor progress on the Kanban board.

Besides, actiTIME’s informative reporting feature allows processing data on team productivity, project costs and revenues in just several clicks, whereas the automatic billing and invoicing functions can simplify the financial aspect of project management for you significantly.

I’ll recommend the software, especially for architectural business like ours – the solution seems to be intuitive and streamlined, the learning curve is modest, and the product works as you expected. Web-based interface is a big plus as well – very easy and very simple!

2. Outplanr

Outplanr offers work management and project planning features. The tool supports workload balancing, shared events and activity logging. It allows users to create tasks, distribute them among staff members, set priorities, indicate start dates and time estimates. Architect teams will also appreciate an opportunity to upload external files into Outplanr or integrate the tool with plenty of other valuable instruments, including Slack and Google Calendar.

3. ArchiOffice

This business management tool is designed explicitly for architects and combines various essential features: project planning, billing, office management and others. It helps streamline process monitoring, organize work and analyze critical business data. Customizable dashboards and flexible information visualization options allow configuring the tool to any business needs.

4. ArchiSnapper

ArchiSnapper is created for onsite work management in construction and architectural projects. It fosters effortless progress observing, note making and report generation. To simplify the project management process even more, the tool allows for creating template checklists and blueprints and configure new reports on the basis of previously developed ones. ArchiSnapper securely uploads all data to the cloud and provides information sharing and collaboration options. The data can also be complemented with pictures taken with a mobile device to store everything in one place.

Kanban board in actiTIME
Project Management
actiTIME Kanban System: Smart and Visual Work Management
September 2019
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5. Xledger

Xledger is a cloud ERP system that provides workflow automation, budgeting and planning features. With its scalability and configurability, it meets the needs of most architectural and construction companies without additional customizations. Its main advantage is unification of business management, accounting and project planning features. This helps avoid integration pain and additional costs, which is essential for small architectural bureaus and businesses.

6. ArchSmarter

ArchSmarter is not a single tool but a suite of many great apps that can help architects and designers work smarter, increase productivity and structure their activities. The toolbox targets to increase perfromance efficiency and streamline repetitive tasks to save time, which is particularly important for smaller businesses and individual architects who often have to multitask. They’d also appreciate free macros, templates and add-ons for specialized architect tools.

7. GoodDay Work

GoodDay is a project management software tool that support you team throughout the project life cycle. With its help, you can plan project workflows from scratch, estimate tasks, monitor progress and get deep insights into the matters of team productivity, performance expenses and revenues. Overall, it has everything needed for running your architectural projects smoothly – numerous features to overview the big picture, boost collaboration and increase employees’ accountability for the work done.

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