10 Best Self-Hosted Business Software Products of 2020


During a few last decades, we have witnessed a shift in the paradigm of software delivery – most of the companies commenced selling their software products on a monthly or annual subscription basis and deliver them through the Internet. Hence, the concept of software as a service (SaaS) has appeared.

Although SaaS is more common these days, customers still often choose self-hosted software because it provides them with independence from external servers and, instead, allows administering and maintaining web services privately. Therefore, self-hosted platforms are usually associated with a fuller degree of control, higher security levels and more opportunities for customization.

Nowadays, a plethora of different types of self-hosted software exists that can help you advance the practice of business management and streamline disparate organizational operations. In this multitude, you can surely find at least one tool that would suit your current needs most, and, hopefully, the present review of 10 high-quality pieces of self-hosted business software will assist you in that search.

But before proceeding with our listicle, let’s take a moment to explore what the term “self-hosted business software” means precisely.

What Is Self-Hosted Business Software?

Self-hosted software, also known as on-premises software, is an open-source app or a suite of apps installed and run internally by a person or organization that uses it on their own premises and private web servers.

In its turn, the concept of business software refers to a computer program – or a set of thereof – that automates any business function (i.e., planning, organizing, supervising and controlling) in different areas of performance:

  • Customer relationship,
  • Human resources,
  • Data processing and storage,
  • Accounting, etc.

Business software, including the SaaS type, assists companies in increasing productivity (as well as measuring it), digitizing paper processes and improving the quality of communication with different groups of stakeholders. As for self-hosted business software, it allows achieving all the above while also ensuring 100% privacy.

10 Best Self-hosted Business Software Products

1.    actiTIME

actiTIME is a powerful digital instrument that comes in both the SaaS and self-hosted versions and comprises functionality for accounting, team management and time tracking. By using this tool, you can run projects, manage work scope, automate your accounting needs and facilitate the leave management process.

Its top features are:

  • Timesheet for keeping a detailed record of hours spent on various project tasks;
  • Kanban board for workflow overview, as well as workload and scope management;
  • Automated PTO calculation;
  • Flexible configuration for adapting actiTIME to your organizations’ specifics and context;
  • Reports on project performance, costs and revenues for staying in the know of current trends and making more educated decisions.

The self-hosted version of actiTIME will cost you $120 per user. For an unlimited number of users, the price will be $25,000, which is particularly advantageous if your team consists of 200+ employees.

2.    Nextcloud Hub

Nextcloud Hub is a popular piece of software for business management and collaboration. It is as convenient as any SaaS tool, but, in addition, it is characterized by a superior level of security, privacy and control.

The top features of this software are:

  • Automation of repetitive processes for a more streamlined workflow;
  • Data storage with Nextcloud Files that enables users to share, edit and access documents through multiple devices;
  • Audio and video conferencing with the options for screen-sharing and integration with other communication tools;
  • Calendaring, emailing and contact management with Nextcloud Groupware – a solution for efficient business planning and interactions.

Nextcloud has three plans: Basic, Standard and Premium. Each of them includes a varying number of features and benefits, and their prices differ accordingly. The cheapest version for 50 users will cost you €1,900, whereas the most expensive one – €4,900. The price for 100 users increases almost twofold for all the three plans.

3.    Metabase

Metabase is an open-source business intelligence software. Its primary purposes are data collection, visualization and analysis. Besides, you can share charts and graphs designed in Metabase with your colleagues through email or any other communication tool of your choice. With these core features, this tool fosters:

  • Improved organizational learning and knowledge management,
  • More educated decision making,
  • Efficient monitoring of progress concerning numerous business-related events and matters,
  • Timely detection of bugs and adverse trends.

The open-source version of Metabase affords an unlimited number of users and is forever free.

4.    Bookmemate

Bookmemate is a piece of software for appointment scheduling and financial management. Besides aiding you in managing your business schedule, Bookmemate can help out with:

  • Task allocation and progress monitoring in the Bookmemate Booking calendar;
  • Inventory tracking;
  • Management of quotes, invoices and financial statements;
  • Analysis of data on revenues and costs, as well as business profitability by clients.

Bookmemate did not provide information regarding product prices on its website. To inquire about details, you will have to contact the company’s support specialists at support@bookmemate.com.

5.    Odoo

Odoo is a fully integrated and flexible suite of apps for companies of all sizes and budgets. It is created to support you in the advancement of management practices across different organizational areas, from manufacturing to communication with disparate stakeholder groups.

Odoo offers the following features:

  • Timesheet for time tracking and productivity monitoring;
  • HR management solutions for talent recruitment, employee appraisal, time off management, etc.;
  • Integrated Workcenter Control Panel to access worksheets easily and stay in the know of the progress in the manufacturing process;
  • Data analytics and planning tools for better maintenance management and greater equipment effectiveness;
  • Stock tracking and real-time reporting for highly efficient inventory check.

These are just a few examples of what Odoo is capable of. You can use each of these features either individually or integrate them with other apps from the Odoo suite for a more holistic business management experience.

The flat rate for Odoo services begins at €12 per user (if paid annually). The final price is a sum of this flat rate with the cost of Odoo apps, which varies from €6 to €36.

Odoo’s extensive capabilities

6.    TurboCASH

TurboCASH is a piece of open-source accounting software with several closed-source features. Best suitable for small businesses, TurboCASH is perfect if you are looking for ways to streamline inventory management, budgeting, payroll and invoicing.

Its key features are as follows:

  • VAT/GST accounting and stock control;
  • Transactions management, including the processing of quotes, invoices and purchases;
  • Numerous reports on income, expenses, cash flows, etc.

An older version of TurboCASH is free regardless of whether you plan to use it alone or as part of a team. However, TurboCASH 5 Business Class, which contains an extended number of closed-source features, will cost $60 a year for single users and $200 a year for multiple users.

7.    Eden

This tool is designed to help you with the management of teams and various office issues. It contains three core solutions:

  • Employee Helpdesk that enables one to collect employee requests and needs, process them, leave comments and monitor progress;
  • Space Profile allows for the storage and processing of essential office information, starting from facility plans and ending with budget data;
  • Services Marketplace lets you get in touch with trustworthy vendors and build your own highly reliable networks of service suppliers.

You can start utilizing Services Marketplace at no cost right away. Nevertheless, if you need to get hold of the features included in Employee Helpdesk and Space Profile, the price will equate to $149 a month for an unlimited number of users.

8.    A1 Tracker

A1 Tracker is a high-quality instrument for risk management that may be hosted either on the cloud or on your company’s own premises. This software is of great value for those seeking to improve the tracking and management of internal and external risks across projects, assets and contracts.

The key features of A1 Tracker that can make the job of risk managers’ much easier are:

  • Import of data from external sources,
  • Dashboard for sorting risks by priorities,
  • Recommendations on action steps and possible solutions for risk mitigation,
  • Timely notifications,
  • Risk audit scheduling in the Event Calendar,
  • Comprehensive data analysis and timeline graphs for more efficient decision making.

A1 Enterprise did not provide any pricing details on its website. If you would like to learn how much A1 Tracker will cost you, send a message to customercare@a1enterprise.com.

9.    TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a digital business management tool with a plethora of features for effective management of projects and team performance:

  • Advanced tracking of working hours with an unlimited number of time entries and an opportunity to keep a record of billable time;
  • Reports on team productivity, as well as the profitability of projects;
  • Automated invoicing based on billable hours tracked;
  • Attendance tracker with the analysis of employee availability / absence and working time trends;
  • Computer time monitoring for getting insight into how much time each task consumes.
Computer time monitoring in TimeCamp

The on-premises version of TimeCamp is available only for larger firms with teams of 100 employees and more. The price depends on organizational specifics, circumstances and characteristics. For further information, contact TimeCamp at support@timecamp.com.

10.    Dolibarr

Dolibarr is an ERP & CRM software for businesses of any sizes, as well as freelancers and individual entrepreneurs. It includes a wide variety of features to meet organizational needs of all sorts, starting from sales and customer relationship management and ending with the analysis of team productivity. Dolibarr has it all.

When it comes to the self-hosted version of this piece of software, it is available at no cost. Besides, Dolibarr offers a free online demo that can help you familiarize yourself with its multiple features that might bring your business management to another level.

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