Best Invoicing Software for Small Businesses

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November 2021
Best Invoicing Software for Small Businesses

As many freelancers and small business owners know, invoicing is a pain if you are not an accountant. However, with special invoicing tools you don’t need to spend your valuable time on paperwork instead of developing your business.

Here’s our selection of the best invoicing software for small to medium teams and self-employed individuals.

Best Invoicing Software for Small Businesses

1. actiTIME

  • Combines time tracking and invoicing
  • Free for up to 3 users
  • Robust cost & billing reports

With time tracking as its primary purpose, this tool offers billing and invoicing. In it, you can calculate billable amounts on the basis of recorded time expenses and billing rates set up for performed types of work.

The application provides accountants with detailed information on all billable and non-billable activities by customers, projects, or specific tasks. It allows you to create invoices, customize them as you need, and export them into PDF format for emails or printouts. If you generate an invoice on a regular basis, you can save its template on the dashboard so that you don’t have to create it every time you need to bill the customer.

You can run the app online, if you don’t want to configure anything on your local computer, or on your own server, if your company’s policies require keeping billing data within the internal network. Online service offers daily backups, so you’ll never lose your data. actiTIME is one of the best invoicing software solutions that keeps the billing process in the company easy and accurate.

Crowe Erastus & Co. – an accounting services provider – reduced its project costs and cut the time spent on time tracking in half with actiTIME.

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2. QuickBooks

  • The most popular accounting platform
  • Fits teams of any size
  • Advanced invoicing features

QuickBooks is one of the most popular invoicing software used by businesses of any size. It offers a wide variety of features for managing company’s income and expenses, tracking costs, running payroll, and invoicing customers.

QuickBooks offers various features that help automate invoicing and reduce effort spent on it. Smart online invoicing allows to accept payments directly in the online invoice. Free ACH transfers help avoid paperwork and hectic bank procedures. Tracking and managing multiple currencies eliminates confusion and manual recalculation. The invoicing software features options to manage invoices and payments from both desktop and mobile devices to add mobility and flexibility to invoice processing and payment tracking.

3. Zoho Books

  • Part of an integrated platform<
  • Automation of invoice management
  • For companies of any size

Many companies choose Zoho’s invoicing software because it’s a part of integrated work system that includes sales, marketing, helpdesk and other solutions for businesses. This helps seamlessly integrate invoicing into work process and automate it to reduce errors.

The invoicing software tool allows managers and business owners to streamline invoicing and get paid faster. It helps generate and send professional invoices, customized according to the company’s style. Automated follow-ups help send payment reminders to customers so that you don’t have to track and send them manually again.

4. Freshbooks

  • Simple invoicing for small businesses
  • Auto pilot mode
  • Affordable prices

Freshbooks is another popular invoicing software that helps small businesses organize accounting and invoicing in an efficient way. It allows to create professional-looking invoices, set up online payments, and automate literally every step of invoice management. Its “auto pilot” functionality allows to send out automated reminders, set up recurring invoices, and automate charging late fees.

The developers claim that the invoicing software helps receive payments up to 11 days faster. What’s more, it allows to request deposits on your invoices to avoid waiting for payments until the end of the project. Connecting time tracking data to the invoicing module helps organize accurate billing and never under-bill your customers again.

5. Billings Pro

  • Cost estimates for customers
  • Simple account management
  • Works for freelancers and teams

This invoicing software tool helps set up invoicing process quickly and easily. It includes various features that allow you to customize invoices, edit them on the desktop or an iOS device, and send them on the go. Easy and robust, it saves time of accountants, managers, business owners, and freelancers.

One of the most helpful features by Billings Pro is preparing and sending cost estimates to customers. This is a fast and efficient way to prepare proposals for your clients – a procedure that adds clarity in your business communication. Include as much detail as the client requests, prepare a professional cost estimate with a ready-to-use template, or customize it according to your needs.

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6. Sighted

  • Accounting for non-accountants
  • 100% free online invoicing

Sighted is invoicing software for small businesses. It is designed to simplify the billing process for those who are not proficient in accountancy. The tool allows to keep track of expenses, create customized invoices, perform online payments, and create reports on your financial information.

In Sighted, you can create and manage databases of customers, merchants, products, and services, create PDF invoices, and export the data into CSV format. If you need to store any sensitive data in the program, you have nothing to worry about – SSL encryption is implemented for the safety of your data.

7. Due

  • A great tool for freelancers
  • Rich invoice management options

Due is an online invoicing software for freelancers and small businesses. It is intended to make the billing, invoicing and accounting procedure less time-consuming. Those who run small businesses usually have to do everything on their own, so this tool would save them significant effort and allow them to focus on the activities that make money.

The tool has a long list of invoice management features: it allows creating and sending invoices, track due, overdue and partial payments, working with sales different taxes, and much more. Invoicing is a chore, the authors say, but it’s vital for businesses of any size, so those who don’t have great experience in accounting would appreciate a tool that helps avoid beginners’ mistakes.

8. Paydirt

  • Automatic invoice creation
  • Streamlined invoice tracking
  • Recurring invoices

Paydirt is invoicing software for freelancers and small teams that helps calculating billable amounts and issue invoices based on the time spent on different projects. Freelancers that already work with the app report that it makes them not hate invoicing and makes billing more comfortable.

The app’s invoicing features include creating invoices, overviewing unbilled work and outstanding invoices, and automatic payment tracking. It supports 52 currencies in which you can issue invoices. The tool works online, so no time and effort is needed to configure the system on your computer.

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