Must-Have Features for a Timesheets App


When working on a team’s productivity, knowing how work time is spent is an important but not the only aspect. Today, many timesheets apps offer a wide variety of additional features, from invoicing to location tracking. That’s why selecting the perfect tool for your team can take up more time than you expect – but the result is improved workflow and hours of saved time.

Some of time-tracking capabilities are just complements that are nice to have, but some are absolutely must-have for efficient team work. Don’t let sweet marketing description distract you from what’s really important – take a look at the list of fundamental time-tracking features.

Simple interface

User-friendly interface will be your main ally when motivating your team to keep their time logs. A clear interface is easy to navigate, provides all necessary information in one tab, and doesn’t kill your focus with unnecessary details. Time-tracking app is something that you use every day, so clear views will save you hours of time by the end of the year. For instance, actiTIME, time-tracking data is shown in clear and informative tables and charts, and you have the ability to switch off the features and views you don’t use:

A simple interface of a timesheet app

Billing and invoicing

Keeping time logs and billing together streamlines your accounting and helps you maximize your profit. Opt for a timesheets app with cost management module: it automates calculation of billable amounts and generate invoices based on the collected timesheet data. You also can run time and billing reports that will give you understanding about the most profitable projects, the most expensive parts of work, and opportunities to improve performance.

actiTIME offers such rich cost & billing reporting module that includes customizable invoices.

Customizable invoices in timesheet app actiTIME

Flexible reporting

Having timesheet data at hand is no use if you can’t visualize it in a digestible way and analyze it – like for example with actiTIME’s reporting module that includes various types of configurable reports and charts.

Time reports help measure, assess and analyze teams’ performance and make better forecasts and estimates for future. The ability to group data in various ways helps you slice and dice the information you need. Detailed data on performance, accuracy of estimates, absences on the team, work assignments and types performed for each specific project or customer is a source of vital insights for team and project management.

Flexible reporting module of time tracker actiTIME

Mobile version

In today’s world when everyone checks their work updates on the go, from airport or at home, a handy mobile version is a must. Your team will track time more accurately in just instants.

actiTIME’s mobile app is designed to track time from remote locations, clients’ sites, business trips, etc. Even if there’s no Internet connection in an employee’s location, the app keeps timesheet data and automatically syncs them with the server as soon as connection is available. After the hours are logged, it allows to review the results in a visual chart – just like on the desktop version:

The mobile app for timesheet actiTIME

Approval procedure

In most companies it’s imperative to get approves for time-off requests and weekly time logs. In this case, look for a timesheets app that enables you to do that. This feature gives your team manager full control over where the time is spent on their team.

In actiTIME, managers can see, edit and approve or reject their team members’ weekly timesheets. The tool also allows to leave a comment if a timesheet is rejected to let an employee know what needs to be corrected. There’s also an auto-approval option for those employees who don’t have approving managers.

Absence management

Time-tracking with built-in absence management feature or an integration is a breeze for HR and accounting departments. It gives a full picture of available resources and helps to quicker calculate PTOs.

actiTIME offers seamless integration with actiPLANS, absence management software. When the two products are integrated, users, user groups, leave types, approved leave requests, and some of the system settings are integrated. It’s possible to review leave requests in actiTIME timesheets and manage them on actiPLANS boards – a simple and efficient way to combine work time and absence management.


Each company has its particular requirements for a timesheets app that its teams are using, but there are indispensable features and functions that streamline work processes and help optimize workflow. When choosing a timekeeping tool for your team, take a closer look at the must-have features and try them out in different products. This will help you find the right product that will be easy to adopt and use.

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