Free Productivity Apps for Your Smartphone


New habits are often hard to develop and adopt, and sometimes special tools are required that prevent you from giving up. Mobile apps are a great help for those who are working on their productivity: they offer many ways to get organized and increase efficiency at work, from creating detailed lists and timesheets to a gamified self-improvement process. We prepared a list of free productivity apps that help you improve focus, capture your ideas, analyze your performance, and more.

Improving time management

1. actiTIME

iOS, Android

actiTIME is a time-tracking app that helps you keep record of your time expenses and analyze your productivity. The mobile app works as an additional tool for the desktop account and allows you to track work and leave time, see your time-track for any period in a chart with breakdown by categories, and manage your work process. As for time-tracking methods, the app allows manual entry and automatic calculation of time expenses with a timer.

2. TimeTune


TimeTune is a scheduling app for everyone who wants to improve their productivity and efficiency. It helps in work, studies, and daily to-dos. Create activities, categorize them with icons and tags, and set up reminders. TimeTune calculates time distribution statistics that help reveal time leaks and improve your time management. The app allows to create custom routines and share them with others, which is helpful for instructors, doctors, etc.

3. 30/30


30/30 is the suggested work cycle: 30 minutes of focus on one task and 30 minutes of break. This time constraint increases your concentration, and breaks work as a reward for the performed work. This way, you get more done as you don’t waste time on distractions. What’s more, switching to an unrelated activity helps find a solution for the previous task. Simple and efficient, this app helps you improve your focusing habits and spend less time on getting things done.

Developing productive habits

4. Goal Tracker


An app that helps develop good habits and learn new skills. It was inspired by Jerry Seinfield’s productivity secret: hang a big calendar on a wall and put marks over each day when you do your task: studying, exercising, playing guitar, drinking more water, etc. Schedule habits and goals for the next day, month or year, set up reminders so you don’t forget to work on your goal, and track your progress in a calendar view. If you need to use your data in any other program, you can export it to Google Drive, Dropbox or a local storage.

5. Do It Now RPG


If you feel that your self-improvement efforts are turning into a boring routine activity, gamifying this process will definitely help. In this app you can create a virtual copy of yourself, develop new skills, track your progress in tasks and bind them to characteristics. For example, workouts can contribute to strength or stamina, reading to wisdom or charisma, etc. The app has a reward system, so you receive gold for each accomplished task and buy rewards with it.

6. Loop


An advanced habit tracker: set up long-term goals, configure schedules and reminders, and see statistics of your personal growth. Habit score is a valuable feature: Loop calculates the strength of your habits on the basis of repetition frequency. Every repetition makes the habits stronger and every missed day decreases the strength of the habit, so several missed days can easily destroy the entire progress. Detailed analytics allow you to see your daily and overall progress and achieving your goals faster.

7. Bounty Tasker


This gamified task tracker app helps you improve your productivity habits and get your tasks done in a fun and easy way. Create a task board with your real-life to-dos, create checklists, check everything you’ve done, and get rewarded. Engage in the game and improve in real life: watch your level grow, and see your productivity increase!

Pomodoro timer apps

8. Productivity Challenge Timer


This app is designed to make you focus on work, studies, or whatever important activities you’re getting distracted from. In it, you can earn or lose ranks depending on your performance, receive achievements, and keep track of your productivity growth. It is based on the Pomodoro technique, which means that it won’t allow you to interrupt a work session and switch to any unproductive activity. The developer states the app is designed to challenge you to work harder – without any slacks or excuses.

9. Pomotodo

iOS, Android

This app combines a to-do list and a Pomodoro timer for developing productivity habits, so it is great for organizing work and improving your focus and attention. In it, you can create tasks and organize them in lists. Use hashtags, priority and pins to search through your tasks and easily find the most urgent ones, configure reminders, create notes, etc. Work on your tasks in Pomodoro intervals, and log your work when an interval is finished. On the basis of this data, the app generates a weekly report on your accomplishments and sends it to your email.

Focusing apps

10. Forest

iOS, Android

This app is designed to help get rid of distractions: whenever you want to focus, start the app and plant a tree in it. As long as you stay focused and don’t leave the app, the tree grows. The tree is killed when you leave the app to switch to any distracting activity, so it motivates you to put down the phone and stay focused on your work or studies. When you grow several trees, you can create your forest where every single tree represents your focusing time.

11. Remente


Remente is a comprehensive system of tools and knowledge that help you achieve your goals, develop productive habits, and live a happier life. It contains a goal-setting system, a daily planner, a life assessment tool, a mood journal, and a library of courses and exercises that help you develop better time management, communication, productivity, memory, decision-making and other habits. The tool is great for self-development, developing healthy habits, and staying efficient.


iOS, Android

If you’re working on productivity and trying to get rid of distractions, you probably know how hard it is to maintain focus on a prolonged period of time. Neuroscience can be of great help here. app uses music created specifically for achieving and maintaining concentration. Its mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to work on your focus and attention from anywhere.

13. Focus@will

Android, iOS

Another app that helps create and maintain focus with music specifically engineered for putting the brain in the “flow” state. It offers over 25 channels so that you can select one that works best for you. It not only helps disconnect from open office noises, distractions at home or conversations – it also allows you to get most of the time you’ve planned for work.

Capturing ideas

14. Inkflow


This app is designed for capturing new ideas visually – writing, drawing, sketching, inserting photos, and organizing all elements on the page. The app is great for sketching, planning, scheduling, brainstorming, creating mindmaps – everything you do when working on a new idea. The basic version of the app is free; in the paid Plus edition, several additional features are available, such as full color palette, additional fonts, notebooks with unlimited pages, etc.

15. SimpleMind Free


Organizing thoughts, remembering important things, creating new ideas, developing concepts is easier with a mind map app. SimpleMind Free offers you an easy way to capture and organize your ideas, structure information, and boost your productivity. In it, you can create visual mind maps to perform your creative work, brainstorm ideas, and study more efficiently. The app is optimized for phones and tablets and allows to work on your mind maps from anywhere.

Distraction blockers

16. Freedom


Just turning off sound notifications on the phone seems to be the easiest solution to the distractions issue, except it often doesn’t work. It’s still tempting to take the phone and check if someone messaged you on Facebook, or look at an online shop’s offer, or play a game… and in the end of the workday you realize you didn’t manage to do everything you planned. Freedom app gives you control over your productivity and focus: it blocks distracting websites and applications on your mobile device, so that you can enjoy a calm and productive environment.

17. Moment

iOS, Android

When you realize you’re using your phone too much and it’s not good for your productivity and work results, understanding the scale of the problem can be very helpful. It provides you with a clear vision of what steps are necessary for breaking the unproductive habit. Moment app helps you see how you’re using your mobile device: it measures time you spend on various apps and shows you what you are using most. It also provides you with coaching sessions to change your behavior and start spending more time on work, family, learning, and developing new habits and skills.

18. Space

iOS, Android

Is it time to frame the problem of overusing mobile devices as losing phone/ life balance? If your answer is yes, Space app might be a good solution for you. It is designed to help phone users build a conscious strategy of using mobile devices and consuming information. It allows you to set goals and track your daily results, share and compare your results with friends, collect achievements, and use tips and motivational quotes to keep working on your productive habits.

19. Flipd

iOS, Android

When people didn’t have mobile devices with unlimited Internet access, they were happy to do laundry or organize things in their closets instead of studying, preparing for exams, or doing work at home. Today we don’t even need to do housekeeping chores – mobile devices can consume all our time if we don’t find a mindful way to use them. Flipd app teaches you how to refocus your mind on what is important. It tracks how you spend your time and shows you statistics of your daily improvements. The app provides you with a library of wellness content to develop mindfulness, inspirational podcasts to maintain motivation, and therapeutic sounds that help you focus when your willpower gives in.

Managing tasks

20. Nirvana

iOS, Android

Nirvana is a task manager available for mobile devices and the Web. It is cloud-based, so the data is always synced between all your devices. The app has a range of powerful features: areas of action, checklists, scheduled tasks, tagging, focus lists. With Nirvana, you can turn your emails into actions without copying and pasting every detail – just forward them to your Nirvana account.

21. Nozbe

iOS, Android

Nozbe is a task management app that helps stay organized even in a hectic environment. Create tasks, prioritize them, set deadlines, and organize them into projects to structure your work. The app offers collaboration functionality, so you can work on your tasks with colleagues and friends. Integration options allow you to use data and files from Evernote, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, and Dropbox. Single-user accounts with 5 active projects are free, other options involve service fees.

22. Flow


Flow is a mobile task management and communication tool for teams. With Flow Tasks, keep all tasks in one place and stay up-to-date on your colleagues’ work progress. Integrate it with Flow Chat (it’s also free) to have all tasks, deadlines and discussions live in one tool. Manage your team’s work process quickly and easily from anywhere, and know what’s happening without overmanagement.

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