Best To-Do List Apps To Stop Forgetting Things


That’s an awkward feeling when you realize that you forgot to call someone. Or barely missed an appointment. Or you start thinking you are subconsciously avoiding your household chores by simply forgetting about them.

It’s hard to remember everything when there’s too much to do at work, before a vacation, or just in everyday life. Some still prefer to put to-dos and ideas on paper, but technologies offer a better way to handle forgetfulness. Apps for mobile devices, PCs and the web remind you when something needs to get done, help you share your ideas, and collaborate with others to accomplish tasks sooner.

Here’s a list of the best to-do list apps that will prevent you from forgetting important things and add fun to your daily routine. Let’s take a look!

  1. 1. Wunderlist

    (free + IAP)


    One of the most popular to-do list apps, Wunderlist provides an easy daily planning for work tasks, household routine, movies to watch – literally everything you might forget. Reminders and due dates will help you avoid missing deadlines and failing to get important tasks done. Hashtags and folders simplify organization of a work process. Share your to-dos with colleagues, friends or family; comment the items and add notes to capture your ideas. The app is available for the widest range of devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire and the Web.

  2. 2.

    (free + IAP)


    iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Web, Chrome and Mac

    Another simple tool that helps you remember every task. Reminders, systematization and chats are available – like in many other similar apps. The specific feature is Assistant which automatically reviews your tasks and suggests the ones that it can do for you. The authors declare that “smart robots and diligent humans will help you accomplish your tasks”, whatever it might be. In the paid version, collaboration, location-based reminders, and unlimited attachments are offered additionally.

  3. 3. Todoist

    (free + IAP)


    Available for almost any platform, Todoist is considered one of the best to-do list apps for work and everyday life. It offers access to your task lists from anywhere. You can share your tasks with friends, family or colleagues to get more done. Breakdown into subtasks, reminders, comments and attachments are available, as in many other apps. The fun feature is Karma that allows you to track productivity and visualize the dynamics of your achievements.

  4. 4. One List



    Those who hate the minimalistic (some would rather call it depressive) color schemes of most to-do lists probably remember the Clear iOS app. It had stunning colorful interfaces, but now it seems to be abandoned by the developer. One List for iOS is one of the possible replacements: it has bright task lists with customizable themes and allows color-coded prioritizing, setting due dates, and configuring reminders. “One list to rule them all”, as the developer promises.

  5. 5. Suru



    For many of us, a to-do list has to be attractive, or we’ll never open it. Folks at Esoteric Development, the author of Suru, definitely know that. The beautiful interface with seven color palettes is not the only advantage: this iOS app allows to break down tasks into subtasks, prioritize, structure and share your projects, and to export task lists into PDF. You can add descriptions and photos to your to-dos so nothing slips out of your mind.

  6. 6. Google Keep



    This note and to-do list tool for Android and iOS is a convenient way to capture tasks and ideas, collaborate with others, and plan projects or events. The app is available from almost any device and offers task lists, tagging, and reminders (including location-based ones). Add photos to your notes to avoid long verbal descriptions. What’s more, instead of typing your notes, you can just record a voice memo, and Google Keep will transcribe it.

  7. 7. gTasks



    A simple Google Tasks manager, available for iOS and Android. It easily synchronizes with Google Tasks, which helps you back up important tasks and access your to-do lists from anywhere. Break down tasks into subtasks, set up recurring tasks, create lists, and integrate to-dos with Google Calendar. Get reminded at the right time and place by setting up geo-reminders, like for example “remind me to take out the trash when I get home”.

  8. 8. Tasks: Astrid To-Do List Clone

    (free + IAP)


    Back then, there was an open-source to-do list app named Astrid, which was purchased and then shut down by Yahoo. The source code was still available, so user Alex decided to clone the old tool for those who were missing it, and built Tasks. The app has major Astrid features and more: task priorities, categories and tags, reminders of due and overdue tasks, synchronization with Google Tasks, and customizable color schemes. Additional plugins and extensions are available as an in-app purchase.

  9. 9. TickTick

    (free + IAP)


    The app offers task lists with subtasks, deadlines, reminders and attachments. The free basic version has limited number of lists, tasks and users. In the Pro version, apart from unlimited tasks and bigger user count, includes calendar view, task filters, Siri integration, and some other advanced options. This tool might be one of the best to-do list apps for teams, as it allows sharing lists and assigning tasks to colleagues.

Most of the best to-do list apps offer similar basic functionality: task lists, reminders, prioritization, sharing, and adding attachments. However, some users have to download and compare many applications before they choose the right one. Individual requirements can include saving data on the personal device or in the cloud, being able to customize interfaces or to keep them distraction-free, having basic functionality or advanced features, etc. Sometimes nice interfaces or fun features turn out to be the factor that influences the final choice.

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