Project Tracking Software Tools for a Smart Work Process


When running a project, many factors need to be taken into account. Keeping accurate records of work progress, tracking upcoming deadlines, and monitoring estimates are all vital parts of the project management process. With the right tools, it takes significantly less time and effort and enables higher accuracy of the collected data.

Here’s a short list of the project tracking tools that work for projects and teams of any size.

1. Zoho Sprints

A part of a large package of solutions, Zoho Sprints is a project management tool for Agile teams. It provides planning, tracking and collaboration features, has configurable visual boards and rich analytics. Zoho Sprints automates raw data processing and helps get actionable information faster. It also allows project managers to provide customers with detailed billing data and better plan future sprints.

Zoho Sprints allows managers to know exactly where each task’s progress stands. Visual and organized way to plan and manage sprints available in this tool takes less time and reduces effort. What’s more, projects can be managed and tracked on the go with the native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

2. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is a project tracking tool that creates a productive workspace for all participants. In it, you can establish your own processes and workflows that suit the project team, and track all essential details of the process. The tool is focused on making project management easier, and its current users emphasize the simplicity of the product.

ActiveCollab is designed for organizing a smooth and efficient work process and tracking all relevant updates. It eliminates such problems as missed deadlines, lack of information on current task status, insufficient feedback, and having to focus on management routine instead of actual work.

3. Clarizen One

This project management and workflow automation tool is created to be easily adapted to various work styles. It offers highly configurable interfaces and rich customization options for setting up a work routine that fits your company’s needs. Through its integrations with other products like Jira, it helps seamlessly transfer important data on work processes between the tools that are used in the company.

Clarizen’s collaboration features ensure active communication while enabling traceability of decisions made during the work process. The tool helps keep everyone on the team in sync, automate business processes, and keep track of all project-related data.

4. actiTIME

actiTIME is an easy to use work management and project tracking solution that offers robust data analysis functionality. Being originally developed as a time-tracking solution, the tool allows managers to effortlessly collect important data on how employees spend time on project tasks. Additionally, it helps track the upcoming deadlines, overrun budgets, and provides insights for better planning in the future.

actiTIME has a powerful reporting module that provides project managers with insights on current work progress and important trends. actiTIME reports include time and cost data, which helps with analyzing teams’ productivity, absence trends, project profitability, etc. The product can be deployed both on the company’s internal server and in the cloud, which makes it possible to ensure data safety according to the company’s requirements in a cost-effective way.

5. Celoxis

This comprehensive solution includes project management, resource allocation, collaboration, and project data tracking functionality. It helps plan projects according to the defined requirements, identify ways to maximize business value, allocate resources, manage changes, and automatically get all relevant project estimates from your plans. Celoxis solution also includes custom apps that automate business processes and speed up work.

Dashboards and reports available in this tool help managers track project progress faster and more efficiently. Data visualization and configurable reporting help spend less time on data analysis and dedicate more effort to current work.

6. AceProject

AceProject is a tool that structures project activities in a simple way. It helps reduce the time consumed by administrative tasks and free up hours for other activities, while providing managers with essential data on current status of work assignments, achieved results, possible delays, etc.

The tool’s collaboration features help keep everyone on the team on the same page and streamline project-related communication. This way, AceProject ensures permanent availability of the up-to-date information on critical project data.

7. ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow allows project coordinators to organize project work in a smart and easy way and keep track of how tasks are getting done. In it, you can create custom workflows, distribute progress statuses by categories that comply with your company’s internal procedures, and set timelines to monitor timely work delivery. With its collaboration functionality, it’s easier to keep everyone posted on project requirements and important updates.

This tool offers rich data visualization options, so grouping and analyzing project data is a breeze. ProWorkflow has reports and dashboards that show a big picture of the project’s progress and reveal important trends in the team’s work.

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