6 Best Time Tracking Integrations
for Jira


Jira has many powerful features for task and project management. However, getting the job done is only a part of the equation for most companies. It’s crucial to know how much time each team member spends on tasks in order to bill clients appropriately and calculate wages based on employees’ hourly rates.

There are many approaches to Jira time tracking, from fully automated systems to simple manual-entry tools. We’ve created a list of the best time tracking integrations for Jira that will give you a clear insight into how much time each project activity takes.


Time tracking integrations for Jira

1. actiTIME

Key features:

  • Automatic timer
  • Mobile app
  • Powerful reports
  • Billing and payroll

actiTIME is a simple and intuitive timesheet tool with sophisticated time tracking and project management functions. Users can track every task that they perform with just a few clicks in the desktop version of actiTIME, whereas the Chrome extension – actiTIME Timer – lets do that automatically. Therefore, when integrating this tool with your Jira account, you will receive a highly accurate summary of your time use behaviors within the project.

The hour tracking data obtained with the Chrome extension gets synced with your actiTIME account: you can review it in the timesheet and run comprehensive performance reports to analyze project costs and productivity trends. Another great thing about actiTIME is that it has a free version for teams of up to three users. Besides, it allows for tracking an unlimited number of tasks and projects.

2. TMetric

Key features:

  • Desktop app and browser extension
  • Automated time tracking
  • Budgeting and invoicing

This piece of software automates time tracking, work logging and screen time monitoring. TMetric supports integrations with Jira, as well as many other popular tools for project management, and allows users to export time tracking data in order to generate invoices.

Teams of up to five members can utilize the basic version of the tool with a limited feature set for free. The Professional and the Business versions of TMetric offer more features, whereas Jira integration is available only in the Business Plan that costs $7 a month per user.

3. timeBro

Key features:

  • Automatic time tracking
  • Screen time monitoring
  • Multiple app integrations

This automatic time tracker has a mission to help you get rid of the hour tracking hustle and increase time logging accuracy while staying focused on primary project tasks. timeBro keeps a record of all your computer activities, as well as offline time, and, in this way, allows you to recall what you’ve spent your day on more precisely.

You can try out the app for free during a 14-day free trial. After that, the different versions of the tool will cost you from €9,13  to €16,33, depending on the chosen subscription type. Considering that timeBro can save you a ton of time and money by fostering more accurate time tracking results, the investment is more than worthwhile.

4. TimeCamp

Key features:

  • Mobile app
  • Productivity reporting
  • GPS Tracking

TimeCamp is an easy-to-use time tracking app with four tiers of pricing, including a free single-user version with a limited set of features and three premium tiers for companies of different sizes. The tool has the desktop version and the mobile app. Besides, it can be integrated with Jira, Xero and other popular platforms.

In some ways, TimeCamp’s functionality is more basic than of other time tracking tools. However, it does have some interesting features, such as GPS tracking for mobile users, which makes it an excellent choice for employees that travel a lot.

5. DeskTime

Key features:

  • Mobile app
  • Pomodoro timer
  • Shift scheduling and absence tracking

DeskTime is an automatic time tracker for individuals and teams. This piece of software is easy to use and has many great features: screen time monitoring, Pomodoro timer and absence calculator, to name a few.

DeskTime has four pricing tiers. The lower-priced versions are quite limited compared to what is offered by some other apps in this list. To get access to unlimited tasks and projects, users would have to opt for the premium tier. However, its price is rather affordable, and the app is well designed, so the product is worthy of your consideration.

6. ClickUp

Key features:

  • Time tracking with reminders and goals
  • Team collaboration
  • Reports

This time tracking tool aims to “do it all,” offering document and inbox management, reminders, goal setting and a calendar. A free version of ClickUp supports an unlimited number of tasks and teams. However, it comprises just 100MB of storage.

In contrast, the premium version has unlimited storage capacity and incorporates some additional features, including guest users and granular permissions. Overall, ClickUp is affordably priced and may be useful for small teams that do not require sophisticated tools.

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