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Do you know exactly where your time is going? Well, there’s a difference between knowing and having an idea. That said, having the exact data at hand means getting more done, having your day structured, and being more efficient in general. So, collecting time data and analyzing it is one of the productive people’s habits.

Keeping record of time is possible both at the desk and on the go; the second option keeps gaining weight in today’s hectic rhythm. The ability to track time on a mobile device works not only for those who work in remote locations and on clients’ sites: many office employees prefer to use their smartphones to keep record of their productivity progress. Here’s a list of convenient and free time sheet apps that will help you stay aware about where your time is going and eventually use it more efficiently.

1. actiTIME

A lightweight and robust solution for individuals and teams that works on iOS and Android. This app allows to keep record of time spent on work activities, including regular time and overtime, helps track absences (such as sick leaves, vacations or remote work), and provides users with colorful summary charts that give insights into how their time is spent. It supports manual entry and entry with a timer, with the ability to correct automatically counted values later.

2. atWork

Time is money, they say, and carefully recording time spent on work is indispensable for accurate accounting. This iOS app is built for freelancers, self-employed individuals and hourly workers to help them keep exact records of where their time goes. On the basis of this data, the app calculates earnings and keeps accurate data on billable amounts. It can be used to bill customers, work on productivity, or even achieve earning goals.

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3. Hours

This app for iOS offers a simple way to track time you spend on various tasks. In it, you can create tasks, timers, and reminders. The app also allows you to sync the data across your Apple devices, run reports, and use Siri to start and stop your timers. The basic version is free, and paid options are offered that include advanced functionality.

4. ZoomShift

A helpful tool for those who deal with schedules and shift work. This time-tracking and scheduling app allows to keep record of employees’ time, track GPS locations, create and manage shifts and schedules, and more. It helps managers stay updated on their team members’ presence at the workplaces and absences on the team, and allows employees to easily clock in and out and keep track of their work time.

5. Timesheet Free

Timesheet Free is a simplistic timekeeping app for Android that helps you automate your time-tracking process. In it, you can set up default values, for example your regular work start time to automatically clock in and record your working hours. It allows to track time for multiple jobs, count overtime, and calculate salaries. A home page widget helps speed up your actions in the app.

6. aTimeLogger

This Android app is designed for tracking personal or work activities and analyzing where the time is going. It allows users to set goals, log time spent on their routine tasks daily, and keep track of how they’re achieving their goals. Statistics are available in the form of reports and charts that simplify analysis of the collected data and time optimization process.

7. Goodtime

This app works as a productivity tracker and a tool for time management optimization. It helps you divide your workday into work sessions and breaks, like Pomodoro technique suggests. Later, you can take a look at detailed statistics and see how you’re spending your time. With it, users develop better time management habits and use their time more mindfully. The functionality of the app is configurable, so you can adjust it to your work needs. Goodtime is a lightweight and open-source app.

8. Time Recording

Time Recording is a free timesheet management app for Android that supports basic timekeeping features. It allows to create tasks and assign them to users, check in and out, enter time for tasks with time slots, get reports in different formats, and integrate it with file sharing services for backup. It also syncs with Google Calendar for entering your activities. The app is informative and highly configurable, which allows to adapt it to your specific needs and get the most value of your time.

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