Top 20 Time Tracking Tools for Freelancers


Freelancing often turns out to be challenging. Self-employed individuals usually don’t enjoy the same degree of support from interprofessional specialists like regular employees working in teams do. Therefore, they have to figure out how to manage various matters in such fields as accounting and cost management on their own. Not to mention that staying organized and focused in a home-based environment is quite tricky as well.

Specialized digital tools may aid freelancers in handling all these difficulties. The majority of these instruments combine time tracking as a source of essential work management and accounting data with some other features for better productivity and performance efficacy.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the most popular apps created to help freelancers arrange their time tracking procedures, and we hope you’ll find this information useful!

Work Hour and Billing Time Trackers

Work hour tracking produces multiple benefits, starting from enhanced productivity and ending with improved work-life balance. Also, timesheet instruments are excellent for keeping a record of billing time, which is crucial if you charge clients per hour worked. Luckily for freelancers and those working in a team of one, a large number of time tracking tools available in the market today combine features for keeping a detailed record of both your daily working hours and billing amounts for greater performance efficiency and trouble-free invoicing.

1.    actiTIME

actiTIME is a time tracking and work management tool allowing for a clear overview of work progress. The desktop version of the app is based on the manual time entry method and allows tracking costs and billing time. However, the mobile app has an automatic timer – it enables one to track time on the go and review time track data summaries for any period. Besides, actiTIME’s flexible reports inform on interventions necessary to optimize the work process, increase productivity and make performance more efficient.

The tool can be installed on your own premises or used as a cloud service. actiTIME fosters wiser management of work time, which makes it a perfect fit for both teams and individuals.

It’s an amazing product and, despite the fact that there is no cost associated with the free edition, it is extremely well-polished and a good deal better than other apps which have license fees. At this point, actiTIME more than meets the needs of my company. Thanks for developing such a wonderful app and keeping it free!

2.    Jibble

Jibble is a piece of punch-in and -out software with a basic time tracking functionality. It collects data on how work time is spent and provides access to productivity statistics. Besides, it provides reports on performance and progress dynamics and lets users overview information on the calendar.

One of Jibble’s most exciting features is time tracking via Slack by using a special bot. It enables one to punch in and out, review timesheet data and look through daily entries in a single list.

3.    Lancelog

Lancelog is a simple cloud-based app for keeping a record of labor costs, as well as other types of expenses, and identifying how much you should charge your customers for rendered services and works performed.

The tool supports simple billing procedures and helps generate invoices in an effortless way, which makes it great for freelancers and consultants. Besides, Lancelog includes a powerful reporting functionality that allows one to always stay aware of their projects’ financial performance.

4.    Due

Due is a time tracking and accounting solution designed to increase the accuracy in billable time calculation and accounting data processing. The tool helps collect work time data, prepare reports on billing amounts and create invoices for customers directly in the app.

Due’s financial module includes many other features, including payments, digital wallet and eCash. All the data submitted to Due are stored on a cloud, which simplifies their management and prevents unauthorized access.

5.    TimeSolv

TimeSolv is designed for freelancers and small teams and intended to assist them in organizing an effortless and accurate time tracking process. It runs on various platforms – PC, Mac, Android, iOS – and can work both online and offline.

Besides time tracking, the tool has functionality for expense reporting, invoicing, simple project and budget management. Therefore, it is popular among highly versatile groups of professionals, including lawyers, accountants, designers and engineers.

6.    Bonsai

Bonsai is a time tracker for macOS and iOS, also available on the web. It incorporates a timesheet where you can enter time either manually or using a timer and has a straightforward, minimalistic interface.

After you log your time in Bonsai, you can review and analyze results in a chart. In addition, this tool can be utilized for automatic billing and invoicing. As a freelancer, you will also appreciate Bonsai’s simple Project & Client CRM, task management and tax estimation features.

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7.    AccountSight

AccountSight is a time and expense tracker for businesses, independent consultants and freelancers. It provides valuable insight on how time is spent and speeds up the billing data processing. Timesheets can be filled out directly in AccountSight or uploaded from Excel files. Along with that, the tool offers a rich time reporting functionality for data review and analysis.

Its expense tracking module allows users to set up their own expense categories and specify how their work should be billed: at an hourly rate or per unit of the finished work. For submitting expenses in bulk, the Excel upload function is also provided.

8.    TimeCamp

TimeCamp is among the leaders in the category of time tracking software. It includes a timesheet with options for both the automatic and manual time entry, a cost tracking functionality and features for the calculation of income based on the number of hours tracked. TimeCamp is also of significant value when it comes to invoice generation – with its assistance, your invoices will always be accurate and professionally looking.

9.    Ronin

Ronin is a simple time tracking and invoicing app developed for freelancers and small agencies to aid them handle accounting tasks efficiently and level up their professionalism. The tool is perfect for keeping track of work hours, collaborating on projects and tasks, setting up estimates and sending them to customers for review. Additionally, it has a feature for automated client billing.

When applying Ronin’s billing functionality, one can track expenses in multiple currencies, customize invoices and automate their generation. The app can be integrated with a plethora of external tools and supports CSV data export.

10.    VeriClock

VeriClock is a cloud-based time tracking service designed for freelancers and businesses. Its key features are clock-in and clock-out, as well as an automated time logging. Data submitted to VeriClock can be utilized for reporting, cost calculation and client billing. In addition, the tool allows generating payroll and job costing reports that can be consequently exported to QuickBooks or any other accounting tool of your choice.

Process Management

Time track data is one of the key job metrics: it gives insight into the efficiency of existing procedures and workflows and indicates whether they can and need to be corrected. Usually, efficient process management requires special project management tools that are not always affordable for self-employed people. However, some time tracking apps include functionality that mayreadily help freelancers and small teams simplify project and task management.

11.    Trigger

Trigger supports independent professionals and teams in keeping track of work hours – in real time or after project completion – and performing different project management activities. With this app, you may assign tasks and oversee project progress either on a daily or longer-term basis. Moreover, you can invite clients to monitor your work on a task dashboard in Trigger as well, which contributes to deeper trust and promotes more positive relationships with them.

12.    Harvest

Initially, Harvest was created as a simple tool for time tracking and invoicing. However, it has evolved into an advanced app with extra features for effective management of projects and teams, as well as accurate expense tracking.

When it comes to process management, Harvest’s scheduling feature is particularly valuable for freelancers. With its help, you may design a visual plan for your future activities and develop time estimates for them. As a result, you can gain a clearer picture of your deadlines and become able to see whether you have enough resources to complete tasks on time, which is essential for improving time allocation decisions.

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13.    BQE Core

BQE Core is a business management tool that uses time tracking as a source of data for client billing, decision making on process optimization and work management. BQE Core’s time tracking procedure is intuitive and straightforward and is available both on the desktop and as a mobile app.

BQE Core is targeted at speeding up the billing process and increasing cash flows, yet it also assists users in planning projects and tasks, monitoring work progress and running various reports for greater performance efficacy and superior financial outcomes.

14.    Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is one of the most popular and comprehensive solutions for time tracking and project management. With its assistance, you can overview performance progress, convert time track results into billing data, manage documents directly in the app and analyze work efficiency trends by using Gantt charts. The tool supports the export of timesheet data in multiple formats for further processing in other programs.

15. is a simple tool for work process management. Its functionality includes time tracking, billing, CRM and task management. It allows for keeping a record of both billable and non-billable time, running comprehensive reports and staying in touch with customers and contacts.

For greater accuracy and convenience, the tool has an option to break down large tasks into checklists and oversee progress in an easy-to-read format. also lets users import tasks from emails, automate the creation of recurring tasks and synchronize work schedules with external calendars.

16.    Toggl

Toggl is one of the most popular and affordable time trackers for freelancers. It offers functionality to keep daily time logs, calculate billable amounts and run performance reports. Along with that, the advanced version of Toggl comprises a plethora of features for project management, including task planning, time estimation and project review on a dashboard.

17.    Timenotes

Timenotes positions itself as the best alternative to Toggl, and it has a lot to offer indeed. Besides such essential features as time tracking and time reporting, the tool comprises everything a freelancer (or a small team) may wish for to arrange a straightforward management procedure, from task planning to project summary overview. Moreover, Timenotes supports integration with different project management apps for a more optimized work process.

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Open-source Time Tracking Tools

This category of time tracking tools for freelancers deserves special mentioning. The term “open-source software” refers to software products that are in a state of continual collaborative public development. Such tools often have limited functionality and, therefore, may not always fit everyone. However, open-source software has two significant advantages: it’s free and can be easily customized.

18.    TimeTrex Community Edition

TimeTrex is an open-source solution for time tracking, scheduling, attendance monitoring, HR and payroll management. Its community edition with basic features is available at no cost and is supported by volunteers from over 50 countries. However, the tool also has more advanced paid versions with closed-source features, such as punch-in and -out and job costing.

19.    Kimai

Kimai is a simple time tracker that keeps a record of work hours and prints out summarized data. Its interface is web-based so that it can work on any platform. The tool is unobtrusive: it doesn’t need to be run in an open browser tab to record time expenses – you can even close the browser, and it will still keep recording until you stop the program itself.

Kimai is localized in more than 15 languages and can be customized with different skins.

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20.    Anuko

Anuko is an open-source solution for time tracking across multiple projects and tasks. It can be installed as a web application and accessed via browsers. The tool supports two time tracking modes: for projects or for projects and tasks. It also allows calculating billable amounts and offers simple invoicing functionality. Thus, many independent consultants and freelancers find Anuko helpful for tracking their work hours and billable time.


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