Attorney Time Tracking Tools for Accurate Billable Hours


Historically, law was the first business area where timesheets were introduced as a tool for work time recording and client billing. Back then, timesheets were ruled paper cards that were not really handy in use.

Today’s attorney time tracking tools automate timekeeping and allow accounting for literally every minute of the work time. Often, they are implemented as a module in a solution for law practice management. Here’s our list of the best time-tracking tools for law firms.


actiTIME is a time-tracking and work management tool that allows you to get accurate time records, calculate billable amounts based on hours worked and hourly rates specified for each employee, and issue invoices. Its desktop version supports manual entry of time spent on cases; the mobile app has both timers and manual entry option. In the mobile app, you can record time both online and offline – the app will sync the data with the server when possible.

actiTIME offers a robust reporting module that includes several billing reports and invoice export. In it, you can get billing summaries for specific clients, cases etc., and prepare an invoice directly in the app. The tool works great for teams of any size and solo practitioners.

Practice Panther

A law practice management tool with a time-tracking and billing module. The tool works on both desktop and mobile devices and allows recording billable time spent on cases. Android and iOS apps also support saving data on expenses for future reimbursement.

The tool provides advanced reporting functionality: you can group the data on time and expenses by various parameters, compare the results for specific time periods or employees, and export it to Excel for processing in other applications.

Time Tracking
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Clio is also an application for law practice management. Its time-tracking module ensures accurate timekeeping for billing. Time for specific matters is captured with timers; manual edits are also supported. You can track time from desktop or using mobile apps – both online and offline. On Android devices, the app has a dedicated widget that allows tracking time directly from your home screen, without opening the app.

Time-Tracking for Lawyers

Another app by Clio’s creators that helps lawyers get accurate records of their billable and non-billable time. It works on iOS devices and is lightweight and easy to use. In it, you can use timers to record time data, or log entries manually after the fact. If necessary, descriptions and notes can be added to time-track. Time can be categorized by clients, cases, case types, matters etc.

The app allows to view all historical time records and get summarized data for each time category. You can also automate calculation of billing amounts by setting up hourly billing rates directly in the app and receive billable amounts based on them.


The tool helps centralize legal practice management and keep track of employees’ time. Its time-tracking module provides a simple way to capture time spent on clients’ cases in real time. The tool allows to track billable and non-billable time, and separately record non-clients’ time. To speed up and automate time-tracking process, Bill4time converts appointments to time entries.

To get billable summaries for customers and see profitability of your practice’s activities, run built-in reports on time data and billable amounts. Customize activity types and work code lists to increase accuracy and efficiency of resulting data.


This tool, as many other solutions, is designed for keeping time at the desk and on the go – but its specific feature is the ability to track the “invisible” time – billable hours completed on the go in small increments. They tend to result in significant time expenses in a larger time scale, so they are worth recording.

For that purpose, the app is available not only for desktop and mobile, but also for smart watch. With it, it’s convenient to start timer and count hours that you work from anywhere – and not lose valuable data again.

Tikit Carpe Diem

This tool is a web-based timekeeping solution for legal, accounting and professional services that is available in the cloud, on-premise and on mobile platforms. It supports time recording in both online and offline modes.

The unique feature of this tool is “time finder”: this feature is designed to find missing time by responding to intelligent prompts. It also allows users to populate timesheets based on their digital footprints.


Chrometa is an automatic background time-tracking solution that is developed to make time-tracking process effortless and increase the accuracy of the collected data. It captures time spent on various activities, categorizes it by clients and cases using special rules, and allows to export the received data into billing systems.

Chrometa mobile apps are available for Android and iOS. They automatically track calls and meetings, so you don’t need to remember and calculate how much time you’ve spent speaking to each client. Desktop app can also be configured to track time spent away from computer as meetings.

Time Miner

This app for Android and iOS devices “mines” your phone for calls, text messages and emails and converts them into billable time records. This way, it prevents time spent on communication with customers from being left unrecorded – and unbilled.

The tool searches for new time records automatically and on demand: you don’t need to start and stop timers before and after the call. The app’s users report that this solution is bringing them significant amounts of money by preventing under-billing.


TimeSolv is a time-tracking and billing solution for legal practices with an easy and intuitive time entry, accurate billing, budget planning and rich reporting. Available on almost all devices (PC, Mac, iOS, Android), it allows time recording from anywhere both online and offline.

The tool has built-in ABA task codes that are used for LEDES billing and allows categorizing tasks by them. To stay on budget, it allows configuring time limits for specific tasks. After time is recorded, the tool provides a summary of hours spent in any specific period: day, week, month etc.

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