12 Top-Notch Construction Project Management Tools

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February 2022
12 Top-Notch Construction Project Management Tools

Construction project management isn’t a walk in the park. From time management to budget monitoring and employee supervision, there’s sure a lot to handle!

You can keep everything under wraps with construction project management tools, and the software products we reviewed in this post are sure to improve the efficiency and organization of your project at every level. So, if you want a construction project to run smoothly, check them out!

12 Best Construction Project Management Tools

1. actiTIME

Key features:

  • Automatic and offline time tracking
  • Mobile app
  • Project reports
  • Billing and payroll

Keeping track of everything that goes on during a construction project is impossible to do by yourself. You can’t be everywhere at once! Luckily, with actiTIME, you don’t have to be.

This project management software actually records work hours which allows you to keep track of project progress as well as areas that are lagging behind. You can track the efficiency of meetings, calls, as well as actual stages of the construction.

This software also lets you assign projects to your team, providing them with the project scope. Make updates to your project along the way and turn features on and off depending on your specific project’s requirements.

All of these features add up to some incredible data exports to help you track the success of your construction project on the go. You’ll never have to feel out of the loop or have to track down project leads for progress updates. 

We reduced payroll processing to 45 minutes per week

actiTIME is very robust, integrated well into your business process, and most importantly, helps you focus on your business instead of monkeying around with technology. actiTIME has reduced our payroll processing from 4-6 hours per week to 45 minutes per week.

2. ClockShark

Key features:

  • Scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Team communication
  • Invoicing

If your construction business has employees working multiple jobs throughout the week, then you know how hard it can be to keep track of their timesheets. Playing the guessing game of who worked when and where is over with ClockShark.

The GPS time tracking with custom geofencing makes it easy for your employees to clock in at whatever construction site they’re at. Plus you can easily check your mobile app to see who is working and where. One-click lets you export important files for easy accounting.

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3. Buildertrend

Key features:

  • Scheduling
  • To-do lists
  • Progress logs
  • Document management

Your construction business relies on happy customers to keep new projects coming in. The Buildertrend CRM is construction project management software that helps you land new leads with a variety of must-have tools for the presale process.

Buildertrend has great features like a management system that helps you organize your leads and bid requests. It can send push notifications, emails, and text messages to help you stay on track with new leads and follow up with them.

It also helps you create accurate estimates and proposals that are customized to your business. You can collect signatures digitally, import from Excel, and create an impressive presentation for clients to help you sell more jobs.


Key features:

  • Cost estimation
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Project planning
  • Document management

This is another helpful tool to add to your construction project management plan. STACK is a cloud-based software that makes it easy for your team to get started on projects. 

The centralized hub lets teams work together and empowers employees to work anytime, anywhere. Through real-time collaboration, your projects can take off running without barriers.

This is a web-based platform so your employees can access it wherever they are. Everyone works on the same plan set and stays aligned. Project members can use callout and markup tools to resolve potential issues as they arise.

5. RedTeam

Key features:

  • Budget management
  • Collaboration
  • Equipment tracking
  • Estimation

The RedTeam construction project management tool is also going to give your team the ability to collaborate in real-time. Thus helping your projects move forward even faster. With RedTeam you empower your team by giving them the information they need to make the right decisions. 

The platform also offers document management to stay organized. If there’s a change in the order or new expenses, your team gets the information right away. Communication from the field to the office is a breeze.

On top of all that, RedTeam also offers a way for employees to track time and expenses including usage of the company credit card.

6. Corecon

Key features:

  • Gannt charts
  • Scheduling
  • Progress tracking
  • Analytics

Corecon Construction Software is ready to help your construction business grow. This construction project management tool offers a Lead Tracking module that will help your estimating staff determine which jobs to pursue based on win / loss dashboards.

You can make estimates on complex jobs using up to a 4-tier Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the Lead-to-Project Wizard keeps your data clean by automating the project setup and deleting duplicate entries.

This is a robust project management software for businesses that can’t afford to get tripped up on any one project. They even help you mitigate risk and maintain quality control through safety module features including checklists and compliance notices.

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7. Buildxact

Key features:

  • Estimation
  • Profitability tracking
  • Accounting
  • Communication

If you’re a small builder or remodeler you can benefit from Buildxact’s many features. This software is a simple startup tool that lets you set up using free online tutorials. 

Its main features include creating on-screen takeoffs in minutes that let you measure with a few clicks. You can price jobs in minutes for your potential leads. This tool was built with small builders, remodelers, and contractors in mind. 

Plus, there are scheduling software and job management tools that you can access from anywhere you have an internet connection and a browser.

8. Nexvia

Key features:

  • Estimation
  • Email reminders
  • Budget tracking
  • Time tracking

Check out this other cloud-based project management software to make your construction project easier. Nexvia is a company based in Australia and New Zealand that provides an array of project management support through its cloud-based software.

You’ve got access on the go using the Nexvia mobile app which makes connectivity across stakeholders a breeze. This software is going to help you keep track of multiple projects and the extensive steps along the way.

There’s even a contractor and client portal that helps you communicate the project’s progress to your clients. This creates trust and transparency with 24/7 accessibility and improved communication with your customers.

9. Projul

Key features:

  • Mobile app
  • Scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Job costing

Here’s another great tool that was specifically created for construction companies, general contractors, remodelers, and specialty contractors with 1 to 50 employees. Projul lets you easily make estimates and get signed approvals for your jobs.

Another neat feature is its ability to store photos from the field that your employees can markup to indicate changes. This tool will help you manage multiple projects through management charts such as timelines and Gantt.

10. Candy

Key features:

  • Estimation
  • Tender analysis
  • Cost reports
  • Project planning tools

Yet again another powerful construction project management solution, Candy can help you at every stage of the project plan. This software was built for construction companies of any size, small to large.

Use the estimating module to gather tender and resource analysis information for an accurate result. You can use Candy’s Quantity Take-off (QTO) module to work on 2D and 3D drawings. 

11. BIM 360

Key features:

  • Timelines
  • Progress tracking
  • Meeting minutes
  • Reports

BIM 360 is a crucial element of the Autodesk Construction Cloud – a comprehensive suite of solutions for effective construction management.

The goal of BMI 360 is to help you handle construction projects in the most efficient and secure way possible. Hence, it contains such valuable functionality as risk, quality, and document management. Besides, it has features for design collaboration and data analytics. With their help, you can easily visualize your projects, share information with all the relevant stakeholders fast, and get a profound insight into your historical and ongoing project performance.

12. Jonas Premier

Key features:

  • Job costing
  • Billing
  • Progress logs
  • RFIs

Jonas Premier has everything you need to manage every aspect of your construction business. It contains a robust project management functionality to help you run your endeavors successfully from the start till the end.

Jonas Premier streamlines RFI sending and tracking and lets you stay in the know of your current progress thanks to daily activity logs. It includes real-time data analytics, which you can use to review your past and ongoing results, as well as make predictions about your future performance.

In addition to that, Jonas Premier contains some handy accounting, job costing, and billing features that are of tremendous use in managing the financial side of your construction projects and business as a whole. Be sure to check them out during a live product demo with the Jonas Premier customer service reps.

Make Construction Project Management Easy

We hope these construction management tools help you to find new ways to run your business efficiently. If you’re looking to get started on time management then it’s easy to try out our software for free.

Check out our free online timesheet trial today! You’ll be impressed by this helpful tool.

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