Best Construction Time Tracking Software Picks

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August 2022
Best Construction Time Tracking Software Picks

Construction industry is one of the most complex industries with its structure, job factors, and regulations that is hard to fit into a single time and attendance system. Most construction companies still use old-school Excel sheets to deal with payroll and invoice calculations and worksite budgeting, which is ineffective, time-consuming, and inaccurate. Read on to learn benefits of construction time tracking software and see our list of the best picks! 

Why Construction Companies Need Time Trackers

Time-tracking software gives construction companies a huge advantage.

Workers can use mobile apps to set timers or add time manually to record time spent on each project or job site. This allows managers to track attendance, identify bottlenecks, and improve team productivity.

With time trackers, managers can use reports and data analysis to evaluate productivity by projects and employees. Data export features allow them to download charts and spreadsheets to share them with clients and CEOs.

Accountants can set up hourly rates, calculate billable hours and overtime. Based on tracked time, they can send invoices and pay the employees. This allows them to create accurate payrolls and client bills.

So that raises a question of which time tracking software could deliver these benefits.

Top 5 Construction Timesheet Software

1. actiTIME

  • Overtime tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Performance reports
  • Payroll
  • Leave tracking
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Mobile apps

Pricing: free (try free 30-day trial), paid plans start at $5 user/month

actiTIME is online construction time tracking software that covers most management and accounting needs.

Online timesheet interface in actiTIME

Online timesheet interface in actiTIME where every user can select task parameters
they want to see in their timesheets

First of all, actiTIME is a powerful time tracker with built-in data analytics and reports. Charts, reports and real-time widgets will keep you informed about time and cost expenses, employee productivity, project profitability, profits and losses. All analytics is available for download in CSV and PDF formats.

actiTIME reports and widgets

Reports dashboard in actiTIME – set up real-time data widgets
and add report shortcuts for quick access

Next goes a handy mobile timesheet tool available for Android and iOS. Employees can start timers or manually submit work and leave time, manage tasks and review timesheets. All data is securely stored and synchronized with your corporate actiTIME account.

actiTIME’s time tracking mobile app


Managers can set up workflow according to the company’s needs. Customize the work level structure, add task estimates and deadlines, assign tasks to team members according to their responsibilities and use statuses to monitor the work process and identify roadblocks early on.

Workflow management in actiTIME – create any number of workflow statuses

Accountants and HR teams are required to make a one-time setup to automate their weekly and monthly routines. They can build payroll reports, automate leave management and accrual calculations, calculate project costs and invoice the clients.

Cost of Work report in actiTIME

Cost of Work report in actiTIME calculating cost of work of individual users
based on their hourly rates

Deployment: Web-based, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

We reduced payroll processing to 45 minutes per week

actiTIME is very robust, integrated well into your business process, and most important, helps you focus on your business instead of monkeying around with technology. actiTIME has reduced our payroll processing from 4-6 hours per week to 45 minutes per week.

2. ExakTime

Price: Starting at $6 per user per year.

Overview: ExakTime is construction time tracking software tailored for construction and field-based industries.

It uses cloud sync to share data between the cloud software and time tracking & scheduling app. Admins and managers can log in and view time records and activities by employee or location. Exaktime shows all the GPS time punches on the map, allows you to edit time in bulk, set up policies, shifts, and create reports.

The software is also compatible with a portable weatherproof time clock specially designed for construction and job sites. It’s completely wireless and made to send worker’s time and activities to the cloud every hour.

The mobile app supports GPS tracking, photo verification, digital notes, shifts and task assignment, crew and job site tracking. It also provides equipment tracking so that you always know which employee used the equipment, when and for how long.

Deployment: Web-based, Android, and iOS.

3. Connecteam

Price: Free for up to 200 users with limited functionality.
Paid tiers start at $29 per month.

Overview: Connecteam is an employee app with construction time tracking, job scheduling, and communication features.

The app provides powerful scheduling features and allows you to set up individual and team shifts, assign projects and tasks, register job locations, manage notes, customer details, equipment, and more. The app is GPS-powered and allows employees to update their job statuses.

The app takes safety seriously and allows you to add regulations, safety documentation with images, videos, and PDFs. To make day-to-day processes even more automated, it offers online checklists and forms to prepare inspection and training manuals.

Deployment: Web-based, Android, and iOS.

4. Timeero

Price: Starting at $5/user/month with a $10 base fee per month. The pricing model is based on the number of users. A free trial is available.

Overview: Timeero is construction time tracking software and attendance management platform that offers accurate GPS time tracking with geofencing, mileage tracking, employee scheduling, and much more. With Timeero’s easy to use admin dashboard and mobile app, employers can track locations and keep account of their timesheets with no difficulty.

Geofencing allows employers to create a radius around a job site where employees are required to clock in and out from. This helps companies hold their employees accountable for their location and hours while on the job.

Plus, Timeero collects all the information and gathers them into reports. These reports are simple and easy to export to your third party payroll system. Timeero integrates with ADP, Quickbooks, Rippling, and Gusto.

Deployment: Web-based, Android, and iOS.

5. Hubstaff

Price: Free for 1 user with limited functionality.
Paid tiers start at $14 per 2 users per month.

Overview: Hubstaff is construction time tracking software.

The algorithm behind it is simple. Crew members track their time via the mobile app, accountants pay the crews and send client invoices based on tracked time and bill rates.

Hubstaff uses geofences to create job sites and GPS tracking to monitor time on site. Managers can see the location of their crew members in real time.

Deployment: Web-based, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Construction Time Tracking Made Easy

Time tracking software market offers dozens of solutions, but it’s hard to find the one that is one-size-fits-all. That’s why you need to prioritize the essential features and narrow down your search up to a handful of options. Because only you know what’s best for your business, right?

Consider actiTIME – construction time tracking software with an established presence on the software market.

Enter Time-Track
actiTIME – time and task management software 


For its 15+ years of service, it has earned hundreds of construction businesses among its clients. With actiTIME, users can track time in three different ways, while managers can fine-tune it to their own business and workflow requirements. Give it a try and see for yourself – get your free 30-day actiTIME trial (no credit card required).

Ready to try employee time tracking software? Try actiTIME – it’s free!

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